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PLAYMOBIL emergency medical helicopter

Children just love role play and pretending to do the jobs they see in everyday life, mine are no exception and love playing shops, hospitals and doctors. Where we live they have on a few occasions seen the air ambulance land in the field behind our house, thankfully it’s only been on a few occasions as when that’s deployed you know something serious has happened – which is never nice. It does fascinate the children though and we have usually headed off out of the door to watch it land and to see it take off again as it’s not something they see every day.

They were over the moon with our latest PLAYMOBIL delivery of the Emergency Medical Helicopter and Child in wheelchair set from the PLAYMOBIL hospital range and couldn’t wait to get it set up.

Upon emptying the box Emmy was pleasantly surprised to see there weren’t too many pieces to this set, meaning that setting up took less than 5 minutes, it actually took me longer to open up the box and the bags inside than it did to set this up.

helicopter1As always with the PLAYMOBIL sets there is a picture instruction booklet which means children can put these sets together themselves but just following the pictures.

Following the instructions Emmy was able to collect al the pieces she needed herself and work through the instructions easily, there were some fiddly parts which were too small for her to get into the slots correctly so I took over slotting those into place.



The attention to detail in this set is fantastic, with moving propellers and opening doors and even a stretcher to help rescue those in need, taking them up to the helicopter ready for a speedy ride to the nearest hospital.

There are stickers to attach to the dashboard and into the medical case and even a mini plaster cast and bandage for the patients.


PLAYMOBIL, is a top manufacturer within preschool school toys and certainly a favourite with both Harry and Emmy. The Emergency Medical Helicopter is part of the PLAYMOBIL hospital range and is available from the PLAYMOBIL website and other good retailers – (RRP £26.99).


Diclaimer: We are PLAYMOBIL Playologists


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