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PomPom Spider

Emmy has developed this irrational fear of Spiders lately, they all have to be got rid of as soon as possible, which is very strange and she always used to want to ‘cuddle them’ all.  So we decided to make a cuddly friendly pet spider.

What we used:
Black wool (any will do, ours cost less than £2 for a ball)
Card (can be any card, a cereal box would work well)
Googly eyes

First I drew around a pot lid (I used Emmy’s Hama Bead lid but it could be any lid, compass, cup etc) to give me a circle shape onto a piece of folded card and then cut it out, I then drew a smaller circle in the middle and cut this out too, by folding the card it gives you two circles which are needed.

I then wound some wool onto my fingers making a smaller ball of wool as the large new ball wouldn’t fit though the middle circle.  Emmy and I then wound the small ball of wool around and around the shape, keeping going until all of the card had been covered in wool. 

Emmy enjoyed this, although she is small, she liked pulling the wool back through the inner circle and passing back over the outside.  She kept saying “In, out, in, out, shake it all about” as she did this!

Once the card was covered I then cut the outside edges of the wool all the way around, slipping the scissors in between the 2 pieces of card.  Then being careful not to pull the wool too hard or to move the card I cut a length of wool off the ball of wool and looped around the card pulling it into a tight double know in between the 2 pieces of card (I did this twice just to be safe) then pulled the card off of the wool, fluffed it up and we had our first PomPom.  I left the extra length of wool I had tied it all together with attached as I would need this later.

We then repeated the whole of the above only this time with a small circle to begin with as this would be the spiders head.

Meet Sidney

I then plaited together 3 stands of wool to make legs for the spider and repeated the whole process until I had make 8 legs.

I knotted 4 together and tied them onto the left over wool on the large PomPom and repeated again with the other 4 legs.  I then attached the smaller PomPom to the larger one to make the head.  Emmy then added eyes and Sidney the spider was born.

He is now hanging in Emmy’s bedroom resting after Emmy spent a lot of the morning chasing Daddy around the house with him!

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  1. These are so cute.I've got a pom pom maker which is great fun. I've got some spiders of my own that are almost finished so will link them in.

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