Poorly girl

One of the funniest things I heard when I was Nannying was a Mother saying “you become immune to your children” and it’s so true!

When I first left college and went into a Day Nursery for a year I got every cold, cough and sickness or stomach bug that was going around – if the children had it then so did I.  Then when I left the Nursery it got a little better working with just the one family, however germs spread through through schools really quickly so I was still  picking up the kids colds and bugs; then after a while I pretty much became immune to it, finally I was able to be in the same room as the children without catching every since bug they ended up with.

Then I moved in with Paul and although I didn’t catch these bugs or colds anymore I managed to pass them onto him, he has never been so ill as when he was back when we started living together, bless him – even his parents used to comment on how ill he always was when we first moved in together.

Now it’s Emmy who is ill (and it seems always ill) and at the beginning we were both getting those bugs and colds – but now 17 months on we manage to avoid many of the germs passing through our household, so it is indeed true – You do become immune to your children.

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