Post holiday blues

As you know I’ve just returned from holiday, a fantastic week away in Bognor Regis staying at Butlins.  This was a great family holiday, everything was geared to the kids – from the moment we woke up in the morning it was Emmy and Harry time.

Emmy chose her own breakfast, she chose her activities for the day writing them down on the fantastic fish shaped chalk board and she pretty much got her own way all week – well except for the few times she grabbed a soft toy in the gift shop and ran off towards to back of the shop to hide, tantruming when she didn’t get her own way (I apologise if you were in the shop when she was screaming – I did count to 10 and kept my calm)

Emmy enjoyed various shows including Mike the Knight, Bob the Builder, Barney, Fireman Sam and the great Skyline Gang. We also saw a Panto while there which Emmy loved – I will tell you all about the shows in a different post.

Emmy went on ride after time, back and forth to the shows and in her own words “I want to live on holidays”, so we know she had a fantastic time.

Her behaviour on holiday, barring the shop incident was fantastic – she didn’t have time to argue as normal, we weren’t in our apartment long enough for her to get bored and if she was we could head down to the games port in the hotel with was fitted with ds’s, wii’s and other games machine’s and interactive activities – she was too small to play these as they don’t hold her attention for long enough yet however she loved the lights and the noise and would run into that room every time we past it – often hiding under the bench so we couldn’t get her out.

Now we are home again I’m sure we all have the post holiday blues.  You know what I mean! The fun is over and routine slips back in all too quickly, I’ve not done too much more than piles and piles of washing, hoovering, mopping the floors after the dog has been outside, I’ve unpacked all the cases and put them away – oh wait there was the pre-school walk this morning.  Routine is well and truly back that’s for sure.

Emmy is back to complaining she wants to do something, she doesn’t know what but whatever I suggest is wrong and so she has returned to jumping on the sofa’s again, tormenting the dog and refusing to allow Harry to sleep.

What we need is another holiday!  Emmy would love to return to Butlins again so we had better start saving as I doubt she will forget in a hurry but in the mean time I will be entering competitions to win one. 

I have found one to enter already which is more of my type of holiday pre-children – After our wedding Paul and I spent a fantastic week in the Lake District hiking with Barney our dog, we would don our hiking gear and walk miles exploring.  It was great fun, we hiked for 11 miles one day although that wasn’t my choice – we got lost so ended up walking much further than planned but if we hadn’t have gotten lost we wouldn’t have seen this view which make it all worth it.

This competition is being run by Blacks who have teamed up with Visit England to offer the chance to win an exclusive adventure break in Cumbria.  As part of the prize the winner will receive a 3 night break for up to four people at the 4* Low Wood Bay Resort Hotel and Marina in Windemere.  This prize also includes sailing or a water ski lesson at the Watersports centre, a Mini Treetop Trek and £1000 of Blacks Kit.

I have entered as would love to return to Emmy some of the scenery and I would take her horse riding too – I’m not entirely sure about the watersports as that’s not really my thing but the treetop trek sounds fantastic and Emmy would enjoy it too.

If you would like to enter too you can on the website –

Do you get post holiday blues?
Have you had a holiday and needed another to recover?


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