Potato Printing – Valentines Day Cards

It’s that time of year when love is in the air and when your almost 3 everyone loves you – last year Emmy got 4 valentines cards and I’ve been informed that one has already been chosen in the shop for her by a boy this year!!

For now I will allow this, however when she is a little older  BOYS ARE BANNED!! They are smelly and yucky and to be avoided at all cost – until she is 30 and ready to leave home.

We have been making valentines day cards this week by potato printing and here is how we did it.

What you need:
A large Potato
Sharp knife
Heart shaped Playdough cutter/cookie cutter (or use the knife to cut a heart shape)
White card
Red card
Kitchen roll

I started by cutting the potato in half, then pressed the playdough cutter into the potato.  I left the cutter in place while cutting into the potato so the knife met the sides of the cutter, cutting all around left a heart shape. 

I then turned the potato over and cut wedges out to create a handle.  While getting the paints out I left the potato heart side down on some kitchen roll to draw out the excess water.

I cut heart shapes out of white card then let Emmy print with the potato.  When dried I glued onto red card and we have very simple valentines day cards to give to her admirers.

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