Poundland Ambassador – Halloween Challange

A while ago Poundland were looking for 10 Ambassadors for their bargain money saving stores – so being a SAHM to almost 2 children at the time I applied, and recieved an email a little while ago saying we had been chosen as 1 of the 10 Ambassador roles.

As part of our first Challenge we have been set a Halloween Challenge.  We were sent a £20 voucher to spend in the Halloween section of the store with the task of spending £18 to decorate a room ready for a party, dress up the children, get ready for the Trick or Treaters or a mix of all of these.

£18 odviously means 18 items and having only Emmy to dress up and knowing I’m about to have a new baby I knew a party was out of the question, so I chose to get Emmy some dressing up clothes and to decorate the hall ready for all the Trick or Treaters (we are inundated with them every year!)

I actually found this rather hard as it was a lot of items to buy and have come away with outfits for my very good friends youngest 2 children as well – we are sharing the Poundland love.

Emmy now has a few outfits to choose from including:

A cat mask and tail
A Witches Outfit
A pack of 2 masks – a Mummy & a Witch
2 Pairs of Halloween leg warmers
Spider Web Wings
A witches broom
and a loot bag for when Daddy takes her visiting the neighbours (she is too young for trick or treating however we pre-arrange a time when our 3 neighbours don’t mind her showing off her cotumes).

Emmy’s friends have a pack of 2 masks aswell as a skeleton’s costume and a devil’s cape – all set for Halloween.

We have decorated the hall/kitchen door with some wonderful black tinsel adorned with Orange pumpkins and even had some money left over with which we brought a Halloween themed Cupcake stand and some Halloween Cupcake cases and we have been doing what we enjoy – baking!

Halloween themed cakes, decororated with spiders webs – a purple string of spider lights and a light up ghost decoration.  Emmy loves it and it looks great.

I was very impressed with the selection and the quality of the items available and for the price you really can not go wrong!  If your having a party there is a huge selection available – why spend more when you really don’t have to?

We also brought glow in the dark necklaces and glow sticks ready for Halloween.

To see the vast available for Halloween visit the website: www.poundland.co.uk

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