Pre-filled party bags by Tom’s Toys

I have been searching around for party bags for Emmy’s birthday and have been torn between making my own or buying online.

Tom’s Toys have just launched their range of pre-filled party bags and have sent one over for me to have a look at.

It arrived promptly and Emmy was so keen to have a look inside that she stole the balloon and refused to give it back.  This is what arrived (minus the balloon):

What is included in the bag:
1 x Colouring Book
1 x Pack of 6 colouring pencils
1 x Balloon
1 x Pencil (to match the party bag design)
1 x Pencil Sharpener
1 x Eraser
1 x Pack of Haribo
1 x Vimto Lolly

These bags are available in 3 designs – Farm, Pirates and Fairy.

This is a lovely basic party bag with nothing needing to be added except for birthday cake and great value too, this is a much easier way of buying party bags if you lack time to search and buy individual products.  These pre-filled bags can be purchased for £11.10 for 6. They are suitable for boys & girls aged 3+
You can also buy the contents seperately to fill your own party bag for purchases in packs of 6’s
from the party loot bag fillers section on the website or if you would like to purchase individually from the stockingfiller/pocket money section.
Tom’s Toys is a one stop shop for all things party from wrapping paper to party banners to lovely wooden toys and gifts for the birthday child.
You can also add to these bags yourself choosing from many of the pocket money/party bag/stocking filler gifts.

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