Pregnancy update – 18 weeks

Since my last update at 15 weeks I have seen a lovely VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) midwife, had a lovely chat, been through my medical notes for the first time ever and made a complete u-turn on my birth choice.  Not bad going for 3 weeks.

When I saw my consultant at 15 weeks I was convinced I wanted to opt for an elective c-section and thought I was to have a fight on my hands as my consultant has other ideas, however, left to think about it I kind of made the decision on the morning before I saw the VBAC midwife that I would try a natural birth.

Why the complete change? There is an easy answer to that and she is sleeping in my bed yet again – Emmy!! ( She has a double ear infection so is unsettled at night – hence my bed)  She has become very clingy all of a sudden, Daddy isn’t good enough any more – it must be Mummy or no-one.  She wants lots of cuddles and carrying and often asks to be wrapped in a blanket and “be a baby”, I’m convinced this is to do with me being pregnant and I can only see this getting worse for a while once the baby arrives.  Don’t get me wrong – she will love it and is excited and talks to the baby and cuddles/kisses my tummy but at 2 years old jealousy is a big thing to overcome and she hasn’t really had to share Mummy at home before.

(18 weeks)

Talking through my options with the VBAC midwife I realised just how different labour can be if managed correctly differently and we could see a catalogue of errors with my first labour.  I had wanted a water birth but due to being SO overdue and very swollen (hands, feet and face) I wasn’t allowed, however once I was given my MUCH needed epidural I was stuck on the bed from 2am Thursday morning until they decided to wheel me hastily to theatre at 5.50pm that evening.  I was 4cm’s dilated at 2am and still 4cm’s at 5.50pm……I should have been allowed to move around during that time however this wasn’t an option I was given and as a first time Mum you do as your told, I didn’t really know otherwise.

This time I will try naturally and even if I have an epidural (I’m not ruling it out) then I will use the birthing ball and move around freely as gravity has to help speed things alone!  I will also try to keep my fluids up and maybe if I’m up to it eat something – as this isn’t something I did at all when in labour and I ended up exhausted and dehydrated.

So that the decision at the moment, I’ve still got to have a growth scan at 32 weeks and a meeting with my consultant, a scan at 34 weeks and then another at 36 weeks where I will also need to see my consultant and the VBAC team where a final decision will be made based on the size of the baby.  If it is big then the option will be taken from me and a section will be booked but I have been told they maybe able to induce me at 39/40 weeks if I really want to try, and I will NOT be left in non-progressive labour for so long again.

Also on a good note – the sickness has almost gone now – only twice a day now in the mornings and always in the shower, for me that’s great news.

Our next appointment is our 20 week scan on the 7th June, Emmy will be attending with us and we will hopefully find out if she has a Brother or a Sister.

I’m convinced girl – What do you think based on our 12 week scan?

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