Prepare for your future NOW

is all about achieving now so that you can get a well-paid job and
make enough money in the future to secure you and your family’s
happiness and wellbeing.
you don’t have long to prepare because you’re only in full time
formal education for a relatively small proportion of your life. To
enable you to get the qualifications that will last you a lifetime
you’ve got to make the most of this time by preparing for your
future now.
can be hard to motivate yourself to prepare for your distant future;
after all, it is a long way off! However, instead of thinking about
the short term you should change your mind-set to think about the
long term. A little
extra ACT preparation might seem like a lot of effort now but it
could pay huge dividends in the future.
So instead of thinking ‘I
can’t be bothered to do this now’ think ‘In the future, will I
regret not having done this?’
any case, while you may be preparing for your future now, you might
start to reap the rewards of your preparation earlier than you might
expect. For instance, with the extra preparation you put into your
studies you will have a head start going into a new subject at
school. You might also discover a new academic interest or talent
that you would never have unearthed had you not been preparing so
hard for your future.
also be able to test out lots of different study methods that you
might find really useful when your exams come around. There are lots
of different methods out there, from studying in short chunks to long
overnight study sessions. Listening
to certain types of music
, such as some Baroque classic music, is
also said to help some people to focus on their work.

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on the future
key part of preparing for you future is to pick a particular
occupation that you think that you might want to go into when you’re
older. Don’t worry if you think you’re specialising too early,
just make sure that you have your mind set on something and work
tirelessly to achieve this goal. For extra focus, think about the
skills and qualification that employers in your chosen sector might
be looking for and aim to acquire them.
a few hours a day
people think that preparing for your future now means that you’ll
have no time for enjoying your youth: this is not true. In fact, as
unlikely as it sounds, studying
too much might actually have a negative effect
on you. So all you
need is a few hours a day of extra study, on top of your daily formal
education and homework, to enable you to prepare fully for your
time you have left, which should be upwards of one hour on a weekday
and more on weekends, allows for more than enough opportunity for you
to do fun, non-study related pursuits such as socialising, reading
and resting.


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