Prepping for September – Back to School Essentials

quickly has this past year flown? It doesn’t seem two minutes since
our little ones were heading off to school after their summer break and now here we are again a few weeks in and wondering about what back to school essentials we need to
stock up on. If your child has just finished reception, you’ll know
from experience that you probably didn’t need to spend as much as
you did on his first set of uniform. It’s easy to get carried away
with uniform ‘essentials’, spending cash on polo shirts, jumpers
and cardigans that have the school logo on, when you could probably
have saved plenty by buying more affordable, non-branded items, in
the necessary school colours.
you’re on a budget, it’s important that you spend as little as
possible on school essentials – and if you have more than one child,
these costs can skyrocket even more. It’s no wonder that parents to
more than one child keep hold of uniform that’s still in good
condition so that younger siblings can wear it in the future. Here
are some of the basic, back to school essentials that you can start
to buy now, before the mad rush at the end of August.

  • School

    aren’t always a required piece of uniform, but if they are, you
    can find some great value school blazers from George
    that don’t cost as much as you’d pay from specialist stores.
    Obviously, check with the school before you buy items without the
    school logo on them, but if you are allowed, then do so; you’ll
    save a fortune!
  • School
    essential, and whether you have to invest in blouses or polo shirts,
    make sure that you have enough to last. The number of shirts you buy
    will depend on what your budget is, and how often you do the
    laundry, but between 3 and 5 is usually ideal. You can pick up multipacks
    for as little as a few pounds.
  • School
    trousers, skirts and dresses
    another must-buy. Girls can often wear trousers too, which is a
    great idea for when the temperatures drop and it gets a little cold
    outside. If you do prefer to buy skirts and dresses for them, buy a
    range of socks and tights, so that no matter what the weather,
    they’ll be kept warm.
  • School
    to fit well
    and be comfortable. Leather is best, because it ensures that the
    feet can breathe. You can also buy scuff-resistant shoes which,
    theoretically, will keep scuffs at bay for longer. However, parents
    know how mucky kids can be, so don’t be surprised if the scuffs
    emerge sooner than you might expect!
  • PE
    consisting of shorts, t shirt, pumps and/or trainers. If they play
    sports outside, jogging bottoms and a hoodie may also be necessary
    for when the cold weather strikes. Hit the discount sports
    megastores to stock up.
on individual school requirements, you may also need to provide a
school bag, book bag, lunch box and stationery. Before you spend on
those things though, double check with the school what you need –
there’s no point spending unnecessarily. As any parent of school
age children will know, when it comes to buying uniforms and school
equipment, the costs can all add up, and fast!

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