Present Pets Review: The interactive Puppy which unboxes itself (includes video)

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Introducing Present Pets – the latest interactive toy which is so excited to meet its new owners that the Puppy pushes its own way out of the box to meet you.

In this toy range, there are two types of Present Pets to choose from; Glitter Pup containing either Cocoa or Casey Puppy versions or Fancy Pup containing Princess or Kweenie Puppy, just which you will receive is a surprise until they unbox themselves ready to play with you.

Present Pets Review

Unboxing your Puppy is super easy, you just pull the gift tag on the outer gift box and you are ready to watch the magic unveil/unbox itself.

Once you have pulled the gift tag the box starts to shake and move as your puppy tries to get out of it’s box eager to play with you.

Keep an eye on the box and holes will begin to appear as your Puppy pushes itself way out of the box. It is a very quick process indeed and takes only a matter of minutes, unlike Hatchimals, this toy doesn’t require you to play with the packaging to gain access to your pet, so may be better for younger children who have less patience and want to play faster.

Our puppy was a Fancy Pup version and once she had popped out of her packaging the children were thrilled to have received Kweenie Pup. Upon finishing the unboxing process your pup will sing a special unboxing song for you.

Kweenie has a lovely soft furry body and different coloured ears, one pink and one grey. She has very expressive eyes, a bow on her head and a collar.

kweenie - present pets review

Present pets all come with over 100 sounds and actions. They can give kisses when they are cuddled, wag their tails and shuffle their paws. They also respond to your voice, love their bellies being rubbed and so much more – in fact, the more you play with them the more you will discover they can do.

These would make great Christmas presents for children over the age of 5, and for those children wanting a pet for Christmas, this is one us parents can get on board with as there are no early morning walks needed and no clearing up after them either!

present pets review

Emmy’s thoughts:

I really like this puppy. It is a little tricky to get it to do all the tricks to start with and took me a while to work out which parts of the body had the sensors on them.

Once I started playing it was lots of fun.

Harry’s thoughts:

I love this puppy and want to take it to bed with me. It’s so much fun and my new friend.

Priced at £54.99 and available from Amazon, Smyths, Argos and many other good toy retailers.

Who will you bring home to play with?

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