Pretty Raine – Inkless hand and Footprint Kit

When I first saw this product on Facebook I was very keen to try it out. Why? The answer is very simple I liked it and wanted to see if it worked.

Now as you have probably already guessed from this blog I love doing arts and crafts, whether it be with Emmy or making things myself.  I have always in my jobs made lovely keepsakes for the Parents, Grandparents and friends.  I have always made home-made cards, thank you’s and presents with the children I have looked after and when Emmy came along this didn’t change.

I do however know that many Parents do not necessarily want to start buying paints for their newborns and very young children as there seems little point, and they may be wary of the mess that painting creates.  This product is extremely simple to use and there is absolutely NO mess!!

What is it?
It is a way to create a special keepsake of your babies or child’s hands and feet using an inkless wipe and special coated paper.

I have had a play with this and it really is simple to use as I hope you will see for yourselves.

What the kit contains – 4 x A5 sheets of Special coated paper, 1 x Special inkless wipes and very detailed instructions.

There are 3 very simple steps to follow and thats it – very easy and very simple, and more importantly No mess!!

  1. Open the packet and gently wipe over babies hands or feet. (Be careful not to touch the the coated paper if you have any residue on your hands.
  2. For a footprint, hold your baby’s ankle and press gently but firnly onto the sensitised paper, rolling the foot from the heel to the toes.  Remove quickly before they start to wriggle.  Handprints are best done when the baby is asleep.  Wash hands and feet after use.
  3. The image will develop within a few seconds and darken slightly over a few hours.

 It really is that easy and to prove it here are some pics of us in action having family fun.

I did this in my front room with no coverings on the table and no aprons in sight just to test the claim on the packet “Completely mess free, non toxic, safe and easy to use” and it really was mess free and easy to use.

This is what we made with our kit. We all had a play with it. (from left to right – Daddy, Mummy & Emmy).
The wipe was even wet enough still to get another 2 hand prints from Emmy to use on another project later on, I know what I will do with them but will show you at a later date.

If you interested in these kits they are available to buy with coloured mounts, deluxe kits or with frames (the above frame is my own) direct from their website, you can also find them on ebay, Twitter and Facebook.

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