Proect 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 13

Really another week has past already and we are at the end of March?  Someone please slow down time or stop the clocks (actually while I remember they actually go forward at 2am on 29th so put them forward when you go to bed tonight!).
It’s been a busy one this week, Paul and I went away without the children together for the first time EVER since having Emmy! My Mum and Dad come over to have the children and my Mum stayed overnight – we had a blast!
Week 13
Day 80
Paul and I left the children in the very capable hands of my parents for the very first time and headed off for a much needed night away by ourselves.  This my Anniversary present from Paul – 8 years on 9th March and our first time away together childfree EVER!
We headed off to Tewinbury Farm, a lovely hotel around 40 minutes away from us.
Day 81
We could have gone to the restaurant for Breakfast in the morning but decided to really make the most of our break away and order room service breakfast – Breakfast in bed as you all now is a luxury most of us parents have forgotten.  (I did have to throw on some clothes and head to the restaurant as they forgot the milk for our hot drinks and the butter for our toast – was quicker than calling them – but I jumped back into bed to eat it)
Day 82
En-route to School wearing the Easter bonnet she make for the competition at School.  She won and was so proud of herself!
Day 83
This is the view from my frontroom, the crane appeared over the rooftops while I was trying to get Harry to nap today – of course that was the end of his rest as he was far too excited.  They are building flats so Harry and Emmy are loving the diggers and machinery.
Day 84
A healthy lunch for me and Harry to share – I do love how colourful food can be at times, working with Upbeat this week on the #UpbeatChallenge trying to increase my Protein intake.
Day 85
Easter Egg haul – with lots of kids in the family I took advantage of the great offers Thornton’s had to offer
Day 86
Every princess need sparkly shoes just because!
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17 thoughts on “Proect 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 13

  1. Breakfast in bed and a life in? I couldn't think of anything more fabulous, hope you enjoyed it! I love those sparkly shoes, they're fabulous.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. What a lovely weekend away, must have been great to get a break. The hotel looks lovely. Loving Emmy's Easter hat, and princesses definitely need sparkly shoes! #365

  3. I am so jealous of your child free break! I've only spent a few nights away from my daughter and none of them were with my husband! Another baby due any day now means it wont happen for even longer! The Easter egg hunt sounds fun too!


    1. It was so lovely I have to say, I managed to read a whole mini book, have a nap and a hot bath all before cocktails and a hot meal.
      Have to do again soon

  4. The sparkly shoes are fab. How lovely to get away without the children, nice to get some adult time, but a big fail on customer service forgetting some of the stuff.
    What a lovely Easter hat, a well deserved winner I would say.
    Are those stickers on your window in the crane picture?
    That is a LOT of Easter eggs

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend and well done to Emmy for her winning Easter bonnet!
    We got our first time away from the kids when my eldest was 12! Funnily enough, there's never a queue of people volunteering to look after three kids overnight!

    1. lol I can well imagine – hoping we get away again next month or the month after as it was good for the grandparents too (or so I tell them)

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