Professional Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Home During The Winter

Everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning but keeping your home clean and fresh is truly a year-round job. A huge amount of dirt, moisture and grime slips into your home during the winter months, so it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning.

Snowy boots can drag in sediment and leave puddles on your floors. Even worse, your home suffers from bad airflow while locked up tight to protect from the cold. That makes winter one of the most important times to pay attention to a regular cleaning schedule. House cleaning professionals will tell you that the winter is no time to ignore the need for frequent and deep cleaning.

With so little natural ventilation in a house during the winter, dust, dirt and allergens can collect in a hurry. Along with regular daily cleaning, you should consider a deeper approach at the beginning of each new season. Take a look at these tips from the professionals on how to get your house clean and fresh during the winter months.

Steam Clean Your Carpets & Floors

The winter months can be messy, especially if you live in an area with snow. Wet boots and shoes can drag all kinds of salty mess into your home and onto your floors. To stop things from getting out of hand, consider having your carpets steam cleaned about halfway through the season.

Pay closer attention to the areas in your home that receive the most traffic. This will loosen and eliminate some of the traffic grime that can build up in your carpet fibres and wear them down prematurely.

Give your wood or tile floors a good steam clean as well. Weekly mopping is a good part of a regular cleaning routine, but during the winter months, your floors may need a bit more attention. For tile floors, have your grout cleaned at least once during the winter to keep ahead of fading or any discolouration.

Change Your Furnace Filters

Most people know that when you are preparing to turn on your furnace for the winter it is wise to put in a fresh filter. That’s a good start, but studies show that replacing your furnace filter at least once a month during the winter is the best way to ensure better air quality in your home.

With your windows and doors all locked up against the cold weather, the air in your home can become stale and filled with dust and bacterial particles. While you are putting in your new filters, take your vacuum with you to clean out any dust that can settle around your furnace.


With very little opportunity for fresh air circulating through the house in the winter, dust can seem to accumulate much faster. Keeping your furniture and surfaces clear of dust is the best way to battle allergies or breathing issues in the home. Make dusting a priority at least twice a week to let yourself breathe a bit easier.

Clean Your Windows

While improving your view, frequent window cleaning also helps to eliminate some health risks you may not think about. Winter is the time most have fireplaces or candles burning that can leave a film of soot buildup on your glass windows. For a really good clean, use a mixture of vinegar and water to cut through the soot and leave your glass shining.

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