Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up week 11

It’s been a busy and hectic week this week, catching up on everything that was pushed aside while we were ill.
Cinema, playdays and tantrums have dominated this week along with a very exciting stay in the new Azteca Hotel at Chessington for a Penguins of Madagascar event (more on that soon).
Week 11
Day 66
Naughty Dinner – I went for a half hour nap, well 2 hours later I then didn’t have the time to put on the roast I had planned for dinner.
Day 67
After finding Emmy’s first wobbly tooth on Friday, we discovered this gap at bedtime when brushing her teeth.  The tooth was missing but a note was written to the Tooth Fairy and she didn’t mind at all and left Emmy a special gift and £2
Day 68
It’s our 8th Wedding anniversary and this was the gift I got Paul – he was rather pleased.  We are going away for the night next weekend as our main gift to each other.  Married 8 years and together for 14!
Day 69
We managed to have enough time before School today to actually have pretty hair.
Day 70
Harry has spent the whole day wearing his hat and shades looking like a very cool dude.  We are on the School run trying out the new Britax Smile – review coming soon.
Day 71
I can’t resist sharing a video for today. Emmy has been sent an Elsa dressing up dress and an Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve to test out and she absolutely loves it – full review to follow.
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Mar 12, 2015 at 8:47am PDT

Day 72
In our room at the Azteca Hotel at Chessington, we had an extra guest staying with us.  Thankfully he didn’t want the spare bed as we had a game of musical beds (as usual) with Emmy getting out of the top bunk and into ours around 2.30am and Harry waking around 3.20am so I had to sleep next to him on the pull out trundle bed by his bottom bunk.
The fun and games.  We always have this when away (and at home recently) – does anyone else have problems settling children to sleep in new places?
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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up week 11

  1. That hot dog maker looks awesome! Biggest monkey love hotdogs! Is it good? How awesome you all got to stay at the new hotel! Looks like a great week. Glad you are all better x

  2. Think we all struggle to sleep, esp the first night, in a hotel so I suppose children must be the same. That video is fab, she looks like she is having great fun.
    Happy Anniversary, the years go very quickly.
    The hair is brilliant, I never managed to do anything so clever.

  3. We were at Chessington on the Saturday! Had such a fab day, I hope your kids weren't too tired after their disturbed sleep. My twins use to struggle to settle in new places, got better as they got older though.

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