Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 14

I’ve survived the first week of our Easter holidays and there actually haven’t been any disasters, major tantrums or meltdowns.
It’s been a little busy but so much fun.
Week 14
Day 87
A lovely Easter present from Konfidence.  We have loved being #Swimologists for them
Day 88
A morning spent modelling with clay, the children put in their orders and I was left making models while they made balls and sausages.
Day 89
Baking with the kids – today we make Hot Cross Buns for the first time and they were actually rather tasty
Day 90
We visited our local playcentre today to see the Easter Tour with Mr Yipadee, Alex Winters, Elsa and the Easter Bunny. You can read about our day out here and see if they are visiting a playcentre near you.
Day 91
Sometimes Nanny cuddles are all a little girl needs – especially if she is sulking as I refused to drive all the way home so she could put on her PJ’s at Nanny’s house.  We had gone to pick Paul up from work (he works with his Dad and the office is at their house) and the children were causing havoc so I gave them a bath there to calm them down and get them ready for bed as it was getting late – as it was impromptu we had no PJ’s and this was the end of the world
Day 92
A hamster escape – he decided he would rather play in the garage instead of his ball
Day 93
Easter Egg hunt with friends, we’ve had a great day today spending the afternoon with Emmy’s school friends, with a house full of 10 children they all enjoyed searching for eggs and sweets – Huge thanks to Anthea for turning over her house to the rabble!


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28 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 14

  1. Well done for making your own hot cross buns, they look great! I remember losing my hamster under the floor boards as a child, I was devastated but I coaxed him back up with chocolate drops!

  2. How exciting to meet Alex (I have no idea who the others are!), the hamster picture makes me life. I know what you mean about Grandma cuddles. Sometimes they're the best thing!

  3. It looks like you have had a great week 🙂 Well done on making Hot Cross Buns – they are one of my favourite things at this time of year. Looks like the egg hunt was great fun!

  4. Our hamster use to escape as well and we would find him in the boys room in a morning.
    Nanny cuddles are a great go to when nobody else will do.
    Love the models, and I am not a lover of hot cross buns.

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