Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 2

Here we are already, the first full week back to School for Emmy, and I guess the first real week back to work for me too but if I’m honest I’m still slacking, I’ve not caught up and I not even sorry!  There has to be some perks to being your own boss and this is one.

I’ve been concentrating on getting the house in order again, focusing on an area a day and being ruthless – toys are being binned, clothes sorted and junk thrown – this house will never be tidy, that i know but at least I’m making a start at some order again.

Here is our week

Week 2

Day 4
A dressing up kinda day – Horse riding super heroes

Day 5 
Back to normal, Emmy was at School and we were all feeling a little under the weather – even the dog was feeling sorry for himself

Day 6
Definitely a ranty kind of day – this little bundle of rubbish was dumped outside our house at 2am on Sunday morning as it wasn’t recycling day for another week.  I took a picture and posted it onto our towns local FB page, this helped to get neighbours all taking, I wrote an open letter to the fly tippers and united a few neighbours managed to locate the culprits and this was all moved by Wednesday.  Huge thanks to Julie on this one!!

Day 7
Our Microwave is about 6 years old, it still works but the inside was a sorry state with the paint chipped away, with Christmas vouchers I treated the house to a new toy – now just to work out how to use it!

Day 8
Rain, Rain and more rain was the theme of today.  It was so wet I had to change after the School run and even though I had a rain coat on it dripped down that and soaked through my Jeans.  The brook by my house was rather raised today.

Day 9
Harry LOVES Mr Tumble, recently we downloaded the Tumble Tap app for Harry – a very basic games with 3 spots which you tap.  Behind these are pictures.  He had been playing for ages with the default pictures as he wouldn’t let me change them.  When napping I changed the pictures and his face was a picture when he saw the new pictures – shock to start then giggles.

Day 10
Burgers for dinner tonight and for a nice change we had sweet potato fries to go with it.  Emmy was helping to prepare them.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 2

  1. Oh Busby would LOVE the Tumble Tap game – I'll have to find it! I can't believe all that rubbish got dumped outside your house – I'm glad you got it sorted 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. I would be ranting if someone dumped that outside my house too.
    I think our microwave will need replacing soon we have had it since we got married.

  3. thats not good about the fly tipping, we had that much wrapping over Christmas in bags but we asked family to split it up between us to get rid of it – which worked nicely!

    Nice piccies 🙂

  4. Great photos, I am not going to let Eowyn see the horseriding superheroes or she may make me dress up as one too!! Not had sweet potato fries before, shall have to give them a try.
    I need a new microwave, but ours is so basic, all these new ones look too confusing!

  5. That's awful about the flytipping! I would have been fuming! Well done on getting it sorted. I hate it when you get so wet that the rain from your coat starts pouring onto your jeans! I have invested in waterproof trousers! They're not attractive, but they do a good job!

  6. I've been slacking this week a bit too and I haven't even got the house in order, I've just slacked. What an enormous quantity of rubbish to dump – well done you for sorting it out. Our council collect the recycling everyweek and it's just as well as our big wheely bin is almost always full.

    1. How ignorant of somebody to dump their rubbish – why not just take it to the local recyling centre. You need waterproof trousers for over your jeans. I love sweet potato chips ut oh not so keen, nice to get the children involved in the kitchen

  7. Oh my gosh someone dumped their rubbish! That's awfully rude! I'm pleased that you all banded together and got it sorted. I discovered I like sweet potato quite recently, will have to try making fries 🙂 Hope nothing appears this sunday night!

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