Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up Week 23

I’m late posting last weeks update as I’ve been out of sorts, not feeling well this weekend and resting up as we have busy weekends coming up – unfortunately that has now left me over whelmed with the build up of work I now have overdue and deadlines creeping up fast with no signs of being ready on time.
I’m doing my best and that’s all I can do really so I apologise to those who are waiting for me, and ask for a little patience as I still don’t feel well – I can’t say what is wrong as I actually don’t know but when I get the time I will book myself in for a MOT at the doctors.
So here was our past week:
Week 23
Day 149
LEGOLAND – A wonderful Bloggers event, we attended to see the new Lego Friends Heartlake City.  The kids had a wonderful day and we managed to go on so many rides even during half term due to our fantastic VIP wrist bands which allowed us to go to the front of all rides – I definitely need these again.
Day 150
Leon came over for Our Family Film viewing, the film made me cry and it is just perfect – you can see the full film in our post here.  He also gave us some amazing pictures from our day.  I will share the rest with you very soon.
Day 151
Sibling love.  After School we walked up to Nanny and Grandad’s to spend some time with them and to meet Paul from work. We detoured to wander through Gunpower Park to burn off any excess energy .
Day 152
Emmy lost her second tooth today and the tooth fairy came to visit.
Day 153
Harry walked all the way home from Pre-School today chatting on his phone to Fireman Sam, he was telling him about the Tortoise which was stuck up a tree.
Day 154
Pretty hair before School, it lasted until around lunch time I’m informed.
Day 155
Heading off out to dinner with the girls, new lippy for me.
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