Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up Week 25 & 26

Here we are again, another double whammy – Sorry last weekend I swanned off to London for the Weekend to attend Britmums Live for the third year, a huge blogging conference which I love and once again had a fabulous time, but unfortunately on my return Harry broke out in Chicken Pox and has been very poorly all week.  This meant I was unable to post last weeks 365 as he is really suffering, infact he has barely eaten all this week as they are in his mouth, on his tongue and down his throat.  He has barely slept either as he is hot and uncomfortable with fever and itching – lets just say I am now a zombie surviving on coffee and this week has been VERY boring and dull, so apologises.
I need to say a HUGE Thank You to Paul for taking on the morning School runs for Emmy and a couple of the afternoon pick ups, and to my very good friends Lynsey, Mary, Ruth and Jo for helping with School pickups and swimming lessons this week.  It’s at times like this when you need to call in all the help possible that true friends rally around.
Here we go:
Week 25
Day 163
Exploring the new forest while on our first camping trip.  It was a wonderful weekend spent with lots of blogging friends at Hormsley Campsite in the New Forest.
Day 164
Emmy and Harry loved the trailer attached to the bike at the campsite and had me and their cousins riding around and around, as did all of the younger kids there – I was a little saddle sore after.
Day 165
Pretty princess sporting the camping look still – unbrushed hair and she picked up a beautiful colour spending the whole weekend outdoors.
Day 166
Happy boy – we managed to grab the only shopping car/trolley in our Tesco.
Day 167
Oh the choices!  Not 1 or 2 School pictures to choose from but 14.  Really?  I managed to narrow down to just 2.
Day 168
Play date picnic as it was a beautiful day
Day 169
Day one of Britmums live and breaking a Guinness World record by wrapping attendees in toilet rolls – just your typical Friday really.
Week 26
Day 170
Day 2 of Britmums and spending time with one of my very good friend Liz during a very packed out Social Media session – sitting on the floor.
Day 171
I missed these monkey – they had raided my goody bag, a very fitting outfit choice here for Harry as a few hours later his first spots appeared.
Day 172
Arts and Crafts with my poorly boy, he had a lovely morning making cards for Nanny’s birthday.  Also today our boiler was condemned as it was leaking gas.  We’ve since been told it’s repairable and we need a new one – so a whole week with no hot water at all  it’s not nice and we have another week to come I think.
Day 173
A lovely delivery of cakes for Paul for Father’s Day from Mr Kipling – Harry being unwell claimed as his own.
Day 174
A very poorly boy. It breaks my heart to see him so ill and unable to do much to help.
Day 175
Emmy found this colouring in my goody bag and has spent every spare minute colouring it in beautifully.
Day 176
Minions are on the way to Tesco’s this weekend at special family events in Tesco Extra stores. You can find more information on the website

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up Week 25 & 26

  1. Poor boy with Chicken Pox, we were just talking about this the other day. Hopefully he feels better now. Love the thins, I should make stars for Ethan. Loving the Minions x

  2. Poor Harry! He does look very ill indeed. I really hope he's on the mend now. We were very lucky when our kids had chicken pox – none of them were very bad with it. The mummies at Britmums Live were great fun, in fact the whole weekend was! I enjoyed it more than ever 🙂

  3. Gutted I missed Britmums this year – we will catch up next time! Poor Harry, really hope he feels better soon, chickenpox can be really nasty 🙁 Love the school photos, he is so grown up!

  4. Poor poorly boy, chicken pox is so horrid. Hope he's feeling better soon. Was lovely to see you at BritMums, the mummy world record attempt was ace. Amazed I didn't pass out with all that loo roll round my head, I was the last mummy to be checked! So glad we did it 🙂

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