Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 3

Wowsers, January is whizzing by way too quickly!  How can we be on week 3 already?  

This week we’ve seen sickness again sadly – Emmy has had to have 3 days off of School due to a sickness bug and no doubt by next term I will now have another attendance letter….Just what I am supposed to do about that I do not know – you can’t send them in for 48 hours when they are sick, yet they moan and tell you off that they are missing School, not that I have any intention of sending her in when she is unwell – the best place for poorly children is at home!
Here is our week in pictures:

Week 3

Day 11
Cloud Dough Play – Emmy wanted to play with PlayDoh but it had all gone hard and we had run out of ingredients to make more sadly so we whipped up some Cloud Dough – cornflour and conditioner mixed together.  She had a great time and it amused her for at least an hour.

Day 12
Poorly Emmy – the eyes say it all.  Off School today and she didn’t more from the sofa all day!

Day 13
Filling in the forms for Harry’s 2 year developmental check

Day 14
I was rather thankful for another day off sick when the hail hit at school run time

Day 15
Today just called for Chocolate, no excuses made or needed!

Day 16
Harry had a friend over to play and they enjoyed playing cafes and shops.  I was handed cups of tea, plates of soup and hotdogs.

Day 17
A floral delivery from Debenhams, this brightened the day, very little sleep last night had put me in a rather grumpy mood.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 3

  1. Great photos. Hope the illness has left the house now. The problem we have with schools is they are not really bothered with children's well beings any more they are more interested in getting good stats.

  2. You really have had your fair share of illness in your house – and quite frankly it sucks! I love that Marvellous Creation chocolate – that flavour is my favourite. It looks like masterchef in your house with Harry and his friend! #Project365

  3. Sorry the sickness bug has struck again, you really seem to be catching everything at the moment – I hope Emmy is feeling better this week and you are right, if they are ill they should be at home – I wouldn't worry what school say!

  4. The schools can get frustrating with the attendance, I think its important don't get me wrong but not when they are ill ๐Ÿ™ Hope she is feeling better now.
    I'm going to make cloud dough with Harry I've never made and I think he would love it.

  5. aaww I hope she is better very soon, we've all colds that we can't shift. Filling out forms??? My 2 year check was ten minutes with the health visitor, 6 weeks late!! Good job I'm healthy and fine! X

  6. I hope Emmy is better now. I think you're right for keeping her off if she is ill. I think it's wrong what people send children into school sick. That chocolate looks very interesting x

  7. Those poor, poorly eyes look very sad! School attendance and illness is a nightmare, but you're right to keep her off when she's ill. There's always so many bugs going round, it's not surprising she's had to be off.

  8. Some days only chocloate will do and I'm liking the sound of the popping candy! I'm caught on both sides with the illness and time off school but you can't help illness and parents know best x

  9. Feel better soon Emmy. Never heard of cornflour and conditioner playdoh I have to say.
    Nice to see the 2 boys interacting so well, hope you didnt have to drink too many cups of tea.
    Love the colours of the flowers.

  10. Aww! I hope Emmy is feeling better now….Schools are a bit stupid! Won't let you in after sickness but complain when they are off! You just can't win!!
    Those flowers are very pretty! Glad they cheered you up a little x

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