Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 7

Hello again,
Now I know I am posting a day early here but I am trying something out.  I am trying to have less screen time over the weekend and spend more time as a family.
There maybe weekend posts but I’m hoping those will be scheduled – family is important and that actually means my husband as well as the kids.
With me working in the evenings I spend hardly any time with Paul, starting now that will be changing – well it is Valentine’s tomorrow so what better time to start!
So my week – well there has been illness pretty much all week again.
Week 7
Day 39
A joint birthday treat for Emmy & Grandad.  Emmy was 5 and my Dad 60 so I treated us all to a big family meal with my parents and Paul’s mum.  We headed to Pizza Express.  I changed up our Tesco Clubcard Vouchers and only had to pay for our drinks.
Emmy loved it when the waiter sang Happy Birthday to her, my Dad on the other hand was rather embarrassed!
Day 40
Emmy woke in the early hours with a stomach bug so was off School, inbetween sofa snuggles we played a few new games.
Day 41
Emmy was still poorly today, feeling rather fed up and was crying, Harry was super cute and asked her if she wanted a cuddle.  She replied with a nod and they stayed like this for ages.


Day 42
I couldn’t resist getting this personalised wrapping paper made up from, I had seen many reviews and just couldn’t resist making my own – I did it on my phone so the pictures ended up in columns, next time I will use the laptop so I can mix them up.
I do love it though even if it was expensive.
Day 43
It’s been fairy tale week at School this week and today they planted a Beanstalk.  On the way home Emmy asked me to take her picture while she said ‘Plant’.  My crazy cutie!
Day 44
Emmy made a Valentine’s card at School and only one boy has her heart – her brother.  This really cheered him up as he now has Emmy’s stomach bug.




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34 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Week 7

  1. The bugs now need to leave you all alone because you've had enough! Hope the meal was lovely, I don't think you can beat Pizza Express for a meal with children.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Boo to illness. Hope it's not hanging around too long.

    I love that wrapping paper as well. But baulked at the price – think I could just make my own although not as professional

  3. your quite right to want family time, they grow all to quick so make the most of it. Saddened to hear about the tummy bugs, always seems to be so much going round at this time of year. The cuddle pictures are lovely, and how nice to make the card for her brother.
    Happy belated birthday Emmy and dad.
    Thank you for linking to Project 365

  4. i think you have all had far too much illness this year and i am sending healthy vibes! .. i always post a day early and finish my round up on a friday so i can schedule and spend time with family at the weekends 🙂

  5. It's not fun when your children fall ill but you seem to have coped well and kept them entertained. I like the idea of creating personalised wrapping paper. I may have a go designing one today.Hope you are all well and enjoying Valentine's Day.

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