Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up week 8

It’s been a mixed week again here, the week saw an improvement in Harry’s bug so we got out a little bit, sadly it was short lived and he is now on day 8 of a stomach bug which is showing no signs of disappearing.   Thankfully he is fine in himself and drinking well so it’s just a waiting game.
Week 8


Day 45
Valentines Day and the kids ate before us so we could have a nice romantic hot meal together.
They were sent their own ‘special wine’ pink fizzy shloer.   It was a nice treat for them and they felt grown up. Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz is a fresh and fruity combination with the vibrant flavours of red and white grape juices fused together to create a beautiful sparkling rosé juice drink – the kids loved that it had a grown up cork which popped when opened.  I’ll have to remember this for birthdays and special occasions for them and at only £2.99 for a bottle it’s an affordable little treat for them.
Day 46
A crafting morning – making Chinese Dragons
Day 47
4 weeks into #ThinkingSlimmer and noticing the differences already.
Day 48
We went into town to watch a show at the town hall, it wasn’t very good at all but it was in aid of raising money for Clic sergeant and the kids enjoyed.
Emmy surprised me by wanting to go up on stage. She had fun.
Day 49
A visit to see The Hart of the Munchkin Patch and all the Munchkins.
Day 50
A morning of baking – cupcakes and Cinnamon & Raisin bites
Day 51
Feeling under the weather so we declared a movie day
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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2015: Photo Round Up week 8

  1. Glad to hear Harry is getting better, its a worry when they are young.
    That schoer sounds nice, and as you say great for a celebration to make them feel grown up.
    Going up on stage is all another part of growing up, glad she braved it. Nice to get out and see something different.

  2. Love the sound of the pink Schloer, kids would love that for a special occasion! The cinnamon and raisin bites look delicious. I really hope Harry feels better soon! #365

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