Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Weeks 17 & 18

Sorry another 2 week catch up this week, Emmy and I were in London last for an event and I’ve been enjoying our weekends and family time, not forgetting me time to religiously post currently.  There was a time not so long ago when I would get my laptop out every night without fail but I have come to realise that I need to slow down, take time out and if I miss a few days posting it’s not the end of the world.
Family time is important, it really is and with that in mind I want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE congratulations to The Boy and Me – the wonder behind this linky since 2011, just how you have managed it I am unsure – I’ve a few 2 week catch ups and have found doing this since January 2014 rather tricky but hats off to you.  The Boy and Me is stepping away for a while and who could blame her?  Well done wonderful lady – you have united a community to share memories and moments – whether mundane or milestones we are all sharing, and you’ve done this!
Week 17
Day 108
We had an over night guest, a friends 10 month old came to stay and was as good as gold – even having a lie-in.
Day 109
Lunch out and this little man does love his carrot sticks and dip.
Day 110
Bed head tooth brushing.
Day 111
Yummy dinner.

Day 112

Garden fun, I’m so pleased we got this new swing/set – the kids love it and spend ages playing nicely together.
Day 113
A new toy day – an instant heat kettle from Aldi, review to follow.
Day 114
New wellies for me and the kids thanks to crocs – review to follow.
Week 18

Day 115
A day spent at Disney HQ with Emmy and my niece Emma.  we attended an event with Specsavers who were showcasing their new children’s range of glasses.  We were also treated to a screening of Frozen Fever and Cinderella.
Day 116
A meal out with Nanny and Grandad at the carvery as it was Grandad’s 60th this week.  The kids enjoyed running around the grounds while awaiting our table.
Day 117
Potty training may be beginning so a good book is needed!
Day 118
A delivery for me, these are fruit ciders from The Swedish Cider Company, älska. Available in three flavours: Strawberry & Lime and Nordic Berries, and Lemon & Ginger. älska is made from 100% natural ingredients, is gluten free and is also suitable for vegans. 
I am rather partial to a fruit Cider, it’s my summer drink especially on BBQ days.  These were rather refreshing and not overly sweet as fruit Cider can tend to be – they certainly went down well.  My favourite was the Nordic Berries, I’m not sure I would have the Lemon & Ginger again but not because I disliked it, purely as Ginger remind me of being pregnant and brings back horrid memories of the constant sickness
Day 119
Thanks Harry – today I have had to see everything he is eating, and if I have to suffer this then so do you  #Sorrynotsorry
Day 120
Emmy has an assembly coming up in a few weeks so has been practicing her songs ready, including the actions.
Day 121
We took Harry to get his first bike, he can’t ride it yet but it won’t be long I’m sure.



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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Weeks 17 & 18

  1. your quite right, keep taking the pics and link up when you have time, making the memories is more important than writing about them.
    Laughed at the "see what is in my mouth" picture.
    Like the face painting, looking good.
    We got a lot of use out of our swing and slide when my children were young, a great investment. Though youngest son had a habit of putting worms on the swing and pushing them.

  2. New bike excitement for Harry then I feel quite bad because apart from his balance bike, he's got second hand bikes – one from his cousin, and one from a work colleague of mine who is passing this one bike from her 3 kids, round lots of people at work. I think N's the 6 or 7th child to learn on it.

    Love the face painting.

  3. I love a fruit cider, have been drinking the alcohol free ones for a while but can't wait to try a proper one again! Max loves veg sticks and dips too. Love the pic of Harry on his first bike, he's so grown up!

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