Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Weeks 21 & 22

I usually apologise for a 2 week catch up however I’ve a good excuse this time so I won’t – I’ve been spending quality and fun time with my wonderful family and that’s what matters most.

It’s obviously been half term and work has been rather hard to fit in around 2 children so I haven’t actually bothered much (sorry to those of you who have been chasing me about unfinished projects – for that I am sorry).

So here’s what we’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks:

Week 21


Day 135
We filmed Our Family Film today – film maker Leon came over and spent a few hours with us as a family snapping and filming our family fun.  You can read about the day and the making of our film.  I will share the finished film later this week – I’ve seen it and it is amazing! Leon is very talented and I would love for you to take a look over at his website to see what he does.
Day 136
Out to dinner with nanny and Grandad – someone loved his ice-cream a little too much!
Day 137
A soaking wet School walk and Harry managed to jump in EVERY single puddle on the way home, not only soaking himself through but me too.  He of course found it hysterical
Day 138
I can’t help but be super proud of this month’s Tots100 score.  My highest placing EVER.
Day 139
Harry keeps stealing Emmy’s swimming hat to wear around the house so today I treated him to his own hat and he wore the whole time Emmy had her lesson.
Day 140
An awesome delivery today – I won a prize from iCandy by taking a photograph of their poster on the tube.  A new Raspberry stroller with every colour pack.  A wonderful prize and a super fast delivery.
Day 141
An special Mummy and Daughter date, we went out to dinner together at bedtime as a special treat.  Emmy got to chose where we went and what she wanted to eat.  We then headed off to the supermarket returning home at around 10.30pm – a super late night and the start of half term.  It’s hard to spend one-on-one time together these days and we had lots of fun.
Week 22


Day 142
I was poorly today and spent a lot of the day in bed or curled up on the bathroom floor.  This beautiful floral delivery from FloraQueen cheered me up.
Day 143
I was feeling a little better and needed some air, as did the children so I took then and Barney off to the woods to climb trees and run around for a few hours.  It was just what the doctor ordered.
Day 144
Bank holiday today so we all headed off to a park Paul and I used to visit loads as children.  We took their scooters and Barney came too.  A few hours burning off energy and having loads of outdoor fun was a wonderful way to spend out day.
Day 145
Emmy is so close to losing her second tooth – the tooth fairy has been informed (Emmy knocked on her fairy door to let her know) and we are trying hard not to actually lose this one.
Day 146
A day spend at Willows Farm, we took Nanny (my Mum) along with us.  It was a boiling hot day, we all had a lovely day and these two became even more inseparable this holiday, even if it was to gang up and keep asking for a guinea pig.
Day 147
Friends over for lunch and a play date – We had received a very timely and tasty treat from Aunt Bessie’s new cake range.  The kids aren’t usually fans of cakes without icing however these Jam cakes were lovely and wolfed down rather quickly and the carrot cake was delicious and very moist.  I didn’t expect the kids to even entertain that one but it all went so quickly with the adults having to jump in fast to get any at all.

The carrot cake is definitely finding its way into my shopping trolley again.  There are lots of new cakes now available in Tesco stores with prices starting from around £1.50.

Day 148
Emmy and Harry were exploring the gift boxes left for them in our Hotel room.  We stay over in a Hotel near to LEGOLAND ready for an event on the Saturday.  We planned to visit the park today however it rained too much however the kids didn’t care at all.  They love a Hotel stay no matter where it is and we swam in the pool for ages before heading out to dinner and settling down for the night.  The kids had a double bed to share which they loved.

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up Weeks 21 & 22

  1. oohhh a stay in a hotel, how lovely. Sounds like you have been spending a lot of fun time together, just what you should be doing – making the memories while you can.
    Nice to get some one and one time, and they really do appreciate it, love her beaming smile.

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