Project 365, photo round up for week 1

This year I’m joining in with project 365.  The idea is to take a picture every day for a year and share them.
I’ll be sharing mine throughout the week over on my instagram feed and then doing a weekly round up each Saturday (give or take a day for tardiness!  I know what I’m like for time keeping)

Here are our 1st weeks pictures 1st – 4th January 2014 (almost got the year wrong there – who else keeps doing that?)

Day 1
At the end of a busy day. The festivities are all getting a little too much for Harry and he is very over tired.
Tonight we tried him with ‘big boys bedding’.  It didn’t go well. He woke at 11pm ish and was awake until 3.30am, making for a very grumpy tired Mummy the next morning.
Day 2
We had a playdate with Jo – My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still and her boys.  While trying to get a picture of the boys Harry decided to Photobomb the shot.  It’s not a great picture however it does capture his first ever photobomb.
Day 3
Emmy loves these novelty glasses which Nanny bought for her last year and uses them whenever she can.  You have to love that crazy bed hair!
Day 4
Today I started the 5:2 diet.  I will be reviewing these fast packs from Lighterlife and I’m hoping they may make it easy for me as I’m hopeless at calorie counting. 
For breakfast I have had a Banana Shake, lunch was vegetable soup and dinner was Spaghetti Bolognese.
Here’s hoping I can keep up for 365 days, well that’s the easy part as I take so many photos anyway, the tough part will be remembering to log them here weekly.
I may need a nudge each week!
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25 thoughts on “Project 365, photo round up for week 1

  1. I'll nudge you, don't worry! Love those crazy glasses, and the bedding is a real pain isn't it? We kept The Boy in his sleeping bags until he was about 2 years and 3 months, switching to a duvet was a nightmare.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Emmy has the most gorgeous hair bless her, not sure I like the funny straw, I know my children would love them, but I have a thing about straws as whenever one of mine use a straw, it equals mess to me lol.
    Good on your Harry learning to photobomb, may it be the first of many as he grows up bless.
    Good luck with the #Project365 I too am hoping to complete it and have just started to join in for the first time this year x

    1. It's almost impossible isn't it? I usually cook from scratch and have no idea how to work out the calories that way. Plus my portion sizes are way off 🙁

      Good luck with yours. I'll be following to see how you get on

  3. Haha I love Harry and his photo bombing skills! I can't believe how crazy Emmy's hair is love her straw glasses such a cool kid. Good luck with the diet, I have zero willpower unless someone comes up with a chocolate cake diet!

  4. A great start to the year, there seem to be a lot of sleepy photos for New Years Day! Love the photo bombing by Harry and Emmy's Straw Glasses rock! I want a pair! I look forward to following your photo journey

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