Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 1

Hello again, I would say it’s been a while however it’s actually only been a few days.  I’m back again to complete a second year of this lovely project, I really enjoyed last years and it was a lovely way to look back on what we have been up to – the fun, the mundane and routine which makes our lives what they are.
So a short week this week and although I ordered NO illnesses this year, someone hasn’t listened to me.
Week 1
Day 1
Emmy decided she wasn’t tired and instead wanted to make funny faces for the camera
Day 2
A poorly Harry – hoping this year isn’t filled with these again but I can’t promise it.  After only 2 hours sleep for me we all hauled up on the sofa for movies, Calpol, snuggles and fought to bring his temperature down for almost 39 degrees yet again
Day 3
Emmy was feeling under the weather today with a sore throat which kept causing her to lose her voice (I won’t lie, at times that is welcomed) – Hot Chocolate with squirty cream was in order.
Linking up again with The Boy and Me’s 365 and also with The Week that was captured over on Make do and Push.


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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 1

  1. No no no, we can't have illness! I am battling ear infections at every corner with The Boy, fingers crossed you can manage to keep them away.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. oh dear it does not sound like the best start to the new year from a health point of view 🙁
    love the silly faces photo!!!]good luck with your 2nd year and happy new year xx

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