Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 10

Gosh this year is whizzing past far too quickly isn’t it?

This week the sun made an appearance again – we are loving that.

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Day 61

Sibling Love,

Morning bath time today and these two wonderful kiddies could not stop cuddling.  Emmy kept telling Harry “I missed you when you was sleeping” and “I can’t wait until holiday’s, we can share a room.  You can sleep in my room”.

Heart melting moments – they really do love each other.

Day 62

4 year old pushing buggy, Graco Quattro Tour Duo,

Another cute moment captured.  Emmy wanted to push her brother in his buggy on the way to school.  She did keep crashing into the bushes but she tried.

Day 63

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

I’m pretty sure most of the 365 community would have captured pancakes today.  Ours were Mickey Mouse pancakes.  Sadly I’ve discovered that neither of my children like pancakes.

Day 64

Toddler hoovering,

While Emmy was at School I was taking the opportunity to hoover and tidy upstairs – Harry however had other ideas and decided the hoovering was his job.  There was a full blown tantrum when I tried to take over again.  (excuse the mess as I said I was in the process of tidying)

Day 65

Day old piglets, lea valley park farm, hayes hill farm

With Emmy at School all day today, I decided that me and Harry needed some one on one time.  I packed up a picnic and we headed to our local farm.  Meet the day old piglets having a feed from their Mummy. Just adorable.

Day 66

Cosatto Troop LadyBug Car Seat, Impact shield, review, www.emmysmummy, isofix, stage 123 car seat

Both kids were feeling under the weather today, however needs must a supermarket shop was due.  Here is Harry testing out his brand new +Cosatto Troop LadyBug Car Seat – I think the face says it all, even poorly he is trying to smile and how could you not with those lovely bright colours.  (full review to follow)

Day 67

Baby bike ride, little tikes trike

Sun again – wow we have been lucky this week.  We’ve made the most of it and headed out for a bike ride.  This wasn’t an easy task as Harry kept putting his feet down and stopping the bike, however he had a great time and then slept for ages after – you’ve got to love the power of fresh air and exercise.

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33 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 10

  1. Looks like my son is similar to your two…loves to push a buggy where he can't see, not a fan of pancakes and also partial to vacuuming. ?.here's hoping the latter continues #blogclub

  2. Squeee! Baby piggies!! We loved farm visits in spring time. That car seat also reminds me of a fab seat I tried to get for my children – but which wasn't available in the UK then. Looks really safe and comfortable. #LABBlogCLub

  3. It's whizzing by so quickly isn't it?? I love the new Cosatto ladybird carseat – I was ogling it the other day! So pretty!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  4. i have seen so many creative pancakes this week! yours looks fab and we have the same issue here – how can kids not like them??
    it has been lovely having some warm sunny weather hasnit? it looks like you have all been making the most of it.
    cute bathtime cudles too x

  5. Hurrah for fresh air – ours sleep divinely afterwards too. Gorgeous shots and bravo on Mickey Mouse – what a horror to discover they don't like pancakes! It's a staple here…That's quite a carseat and I adore all the love between the siblings – long may that last

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