Project 365 – Photo round up week 18

This week has been a busy one for me, after lots and lots of organising I was finally able to launch my fundraiser competition with a massive £828 worth of prizes.  I will be skydiving in August raising money for the Lullaby Trust in memory of a beautiful angel Matilda Mae who grew her angel wings far too young.  If you would like to sponsor me £3 or more then you are able to enter my wonderful competition
So, back to this week and WOW we are already into May – how did that happen?


Day 117
An after Easter treat – chocolate carrots – of course it is only chocolate in the shape of a carrot (unlike a friend thought – a carrot dipped in chocolate).
Day 118
Gardening time and while I was moving the trampoline Harry decided to try to help (of course it wasn’t turned on).
Day 119
Doggy was time
Day 120
Harry loves to play shops.  Today he owned a café and kept making me cups of tea.
Day 121
Sunshine sandwiches in Emmy’s lunchbox – well it was raining outside so we needed some sun.
Day 122
Emmy made herself a man today.  All unaided, she asked me to cut out hands and feet and then made the rest herself.
Day 123
Hula Hoop rings – you can’t beat them!
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22 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo round up week 18

  1. Good God, I thought that was a slug at first! He's got such a cheeky look in his eyes.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.

  2. Wow so exciting doing a sky dive – you're very brave and want a worthy cause. Good luck! I love the shot of Harry mowing the lawn – looks a tad big for him lol!

  3. Love the photo of Harry with his chocolate carrot, that's hilarious. The hula hoops on the fingers is a close second though – I still do that! Have a great bank holiday weekend 🙂

  4. The chocolate carrot picture is very cute. My fave is the Hula Hoop ring picture, I still do this. It's the only way to eat Hula Hoops, right?!
    Well done on your competition and signing up to skydive for The Lullaby Trust and Baby Tilda. x

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