Project 365, photo round up week 2

That’s week 2 complete, 50 weeks to go…I will do this!
Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:
Day 5

Harry is a typical Nicholas boy.

His Dad is one of 3 boy’s and they were always climbing, fighting and visiting A&E between them.
Harry is definitely like his father.  The more you tell him NO, the more he laughs and does it anyway…I love him but he WILL send me Grey before I’m 35!
Day 6

My new toy.  I don’t have a tumble dryer and my 2 washing baskets have once again over flown during the festive period as I didn’t want a kitchen full of washing. Using my Christmas and Birthday vouchers this is solving my backlog of washing by drying them for me much faster than the 4 days it was taking using my old airers.
Day 7

I needed to empty the hoover. Taking the water bucket out to the kitchen to empty it and Harry hopped inside to ‘drive’ my hoover. He was ‘brooming’ and making driving motions too. Very cute.  He was so pleased with himself, as you can probably tell by the beaming smile.

Day 8

Dinner was Homemade Chicken Pie.  This is one of Paul’s favourites and he will happily eat half a huge pie to himself.  Emmy on the other hand isn’t keen on meat but will eat the pastry.  I find by letting her help me cook she eats more as she has made the dinner.

Turning my back when making pies is very dangerous as she ‘makes it snow’ all over my freshly washed floor with the flour.  Forward planning is the key to this dish…..don’t hoover until dinner is in the oven, especially since we saw Frozen recently at the Cinema – as instead of snowing over the floor she tried to ‘build a snowman’ (with pastry and flour) and throw snowballs at me!! What a mess!

Day 9

I’m organised! It’s Emmy’s birthday on the 4th February, she will be 4.  I now have ALL of her presents, wrapping paper and even birthday card!  A few were still en-route when this picture was taken but are now all wrapped and her balloons ordered too.
Day 10

Snuggled up for quiet story time with Emmy while Harry naps.  I love this time of day.
Today’s book of choice is Jack and the Beanstalk – or as Emmy calls it Jack and the Runner Beans.  I’m not entirely sure why it’s got that name but she is adamant that Jack climbs the Runner Beans to meet the giant, I think it’s rather cute when children get things a little confused and I won’t be correcting her just yet.
Day 11

What’s that coming over the slide……It’s the sun!  Well it’s been a while since we saw that so we made the most of it with a park trip after swimming lessons, just Emmy and I.  We got muddy and both had wet bums but we had fun.

Not the best picture in the world but I loved the way the sun was shining so brightly – as if saying finally! Let me out!

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  1. Wow what a week, I love the last photo of the SUN it's great that it's making an appearance and you managed to get to the park for some outdoor fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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