Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 24

Ok, I admit I’m actually getting a little bored for this project now.
I’ve never been one to stick to anything very long so I’m proud I’ve gotten to week 24 now. Its not ao much the project itself which I’m bored of, it’s having very similar pictures each week especially if we haven’t been anywhere exciting.
So here is another rather dull week from me:

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Day 159:
Fishing in Grandad’s pond.  She caught a duck.
Day 160:
An early morning delivery.  I treated the children to a little trampoline for the garden (by little I mean HUGE – 10ft)
Day 161:
Nurse  Emmy is ready to look after a poorly Nanny.  Nanny had a nasty fall yesterday
Day 162:
My sleepy big girl.
Day 163:
A new everyday handbag for me.
Day 164: 
Another new purchase ready for our playroom makeover.  A storage bench for the kids.
Day 165:
Water fun in the garden.
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13 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 24

  1. I started the project late, so am only up to week 8. Trying to avoid the easy "child asleep at the end of the day" seems to be the most difficult part, so well done for getting to 24 weeks and showing a lovely set of photographs with differences in each day.

  2. I know what you mean about the project – I do find it much easier when the sun is shining though! Love the fishing photo and I bet they have so much fun on the new trampoline!

  3. I see where your coming from with getting bored with the project. I'm still enjoying it, but sometimes get frustrated trying to find different things to take pictures of.
    I think you have a lovely set here. I love the one of Emmy fishing in the pond (her face!) and the one with her dressed as a nurse. That fox bag is amazing too, love it! x

  4. I can find some weeks boring too, especially being stuck at home all of the time – it will soon be the summer holidays and hopefully time for more fun and adventures! I hate this time of year! Will we be seeing that handbag at Britmums?!

  5. I know what you mean about feeling your pics are always similar and not interesting – I feel the same about mine (not yours)! Love your picture of your little nurse and the new handbag is fab.

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