Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 29

Wowsers, what a scorcher it’s been this week – typically it was on a week where I have headed into London 3 times – tube travel in this weather isn’t pleasant that’s for sure.
Here is our week, it’s been busy!
Day 194: Making Leaving presents for all of Emmy’s Nursery teachers.  She used porcoline pens to decorate mugs (which I then baked to seal the paint), I printed off the recipe for Nutella Mug Cakes and added a jar of Nutella before wrapping as gifts.
Day 195: Dinner – Chicken Curry in the slow cooker.
Day 196: New textiles for the Xplory #UrbanBlue – So beautiful
Day 197: A day in London for Christmas in July events, followed by a Quorn cookery class.  We made Red Thai Curry, Bolognese and followed it with Roulade – Here the chef is telling everyone he “Has a Stiffy” – teamed with a few Beers and wine, +Laura Seaton and I were in fits of giggles.
Day 198: A proud Emmy with all her Nursery work and a glowing School report
Day 199: Ekkkkk I found my favourite pre-Emmy jeans tucked away and they fit!!! Size 10.
Day 200: A very hot and tired Emmy awaiting the train home tonight.  We’ve been in London celebrating with friends.  It was the baby shower of one of my oldest friends – the best friend I made in secondary school.  It was a lovely day and was great to spend time with 3 of my oldest and closest friends – Nikki, Nadine and Louise were my best friends in Secondary school, and while I don’t see them often we do still keep in touch.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 29

  1. I love your teacher gift idea, I will have to write that down for ideas for next year. What a treat to have a girly night out, you have down well to keep in touch

  2. Wow, you've been busy!
    I love your teacher gift idea.
    I'm very jealous of all these 'Christmas in July' that have been going on. Seriously need to figure out how to get myself on the radar for these things.
    Well done to Emmy on her school report 🙂 x

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