Project 365, Photo round up week 3

Here we are again, and getting into the swing of our daily photo’s – I must admit on a few occasions I’ve struggled to choose just 1 picture for the day as I take so many.

Here is our week:

Day 12

Special Nanny cuddles.  Emmy and Nanny have a special bond as Nanny looked after Emmy when I returned to work.

We try to spend as much time as we can with Paul’s mum who is currently undergoing treatment for secondary Cancer and is suffering from the effects of this treatment.  Seeing the Grand children always makes her smile no matter how she is feeling.

Day 13

I don’t need to tell you what this is!

Isn’t it pretty?  This was a lovely review item I received this week, you can read about it here.

Day 14

Emmy’s hair is wildly curly.  Regular followers of this blog will have seen pictures of her wild uncontrollable mane.  I am currently in the process of:

  1. Making sure she lets me brush it daily
  2. Making sure it is tied up for school
  3. Controlling it (somehow)

Day 15

I’ve been organising our house, our clutter recently and have been doing this in bite sized pieces – small jobs at a time.  Today I re arranged all of the kids drawers so it was easier to find the clothes.

Day 16

I had an appointment at the bank today at 10am however there was no point going home after dropping Emmy to school at 9am – that left one option – breakfast for me an Harry.

Day 17

Emmy wanted my purple egg box for her shop – as a fantastic Mummy this meant I had to eat the contents for her, this was my breakfast!  It’s hard work being a Mummy sometimes.

Day 18

Everyone loves a bike ride.  Today was a swimming day and Emmy decided that Hello Kitty had to join us for some exercise and came along for the ride.

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