Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 33

We have survived another week of the school holidays – It’s getting harder now and we have been stuck in the house all week as we have had a friends little boy here to play all week as his grandparents are on holiday – not having 3 car seats meant we stayed home – BUT we have had fun.
Also this week I had the pleasure to FINALLY meet The Boy and Me – it is her 365 project which I link up with weekly so it was lovely to finally put a face to the blog author.
So here we have another week:
Day 222:
An awesome day spend in London for a Blogging event, a lovely day with just Emmy for a change.  Spent with friends old and new.  Nerf attack in a closed Hamleys (as you do!)
Day 223:
Fun in the park.  Hats off to anyone with 3 kids – you really do need eyes in the back of your head!
Day 224:
Face painting fun. They look angelic however chaos erupted after this shot as they ran around the house roaring at each other.
Day 225:
I treated the kids to a new paddling pool – The water was still cold however that wasn’t going to stop them jumping in.
Day 226:
Early morning fishing.  I won a competition to guess the DOB of the new arrival of Andy – Children are Welcome.  I got it spot on – and I have been forgiven for saying she would arrive 6 days late. 
Day 227:
A trip to Kiddicare with Emmy – it was very sad to see the shelves so bare.  We managed to grab a few bargains still. #Stokke #StokkeXplory
Day 228:
Second nap of the day – Harry had been in the pool again today and worn himself out. 



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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 33

  1. Nerf guns in Hamleys sounds like great fun! Yep, having three kids is hard work! Well done for surviving it, it can't have been easy looking after someone else's child for the week.

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