Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 40

I’ll be honest, I’m extremely surprised I’ve managed to keep up with this weekly project and I am really pleased I have kept going – it’s lovely looking back on our weekly photos and seeing how the kids have grown and keeping record of what we have been doing.
This week Emmy has managed her first full week at school – and boy do we know about it, tired and extremely grumpy with an attitude of a teenager, please tell me this will pass?
Harry has been his usual boisterous self and we’ve managed a few clubs and lots of quality time together.
Week 40
Day 271
Emmy has been enjoying playing with the Design a Boutique, we were sent this from Chad Valley as part of their #100daysofplay campaign.  This is a Boutique shop which can be turned into a number of different shops using different accessories available.  Ours is a dress shop and Emmy included her dolls house dolls to play happily for a good hour or so. 
Day 272
It’s been a Mega Bloks kind of day today
Day 273
No photo’s today please Mum – and yes you did catch me trying to break all your flowers!
Day 274
My princess playing with her doll
Day 275
We co-hosted a Doc McStuffins Twitter party today as well as hosting a kids party, it was hectic but fun #Doctober
Day 276
It’s all been too much, a very worn out boy
Day 277
A day out in a local park playing with a very good friends children



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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 40

  1. Can you believe we are into week 40?! Love the pic of your little man fast asleep – you obviously wore him out! I remember the strops setting in around the age of 5….good luck!

  2. love the hand up for the no photos please, I have some of Bob, but oh dear at breaking your flowers. Poor tired Harry. Love the camel picture, nice to get out into the park, wont last much longer.

  3. The doctor party was mad wasn't it!! Glad Emmy is feeling better and has managed a full week at school, sadly I am not sure the attitude does get better – sorry

  4. They do get tired when they first start school and I find when they move up a step like to year 1 or juniors, but they do get used to it. Love that he didn't want his picture taken.

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