Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 42

This week has been a planning and a wrapping kind of week.  It’s the run up to Harry’s 2nd Birthday so I’ve been cleaning, tidying and making room for the new toys which I knew were coming – mainly as I had bought them all.
Emmy was poorly for one day this week, burning up with a fever of 42 and hallucinating which was blooming scary, thankfully it lasted only a day then she was right as rain.
She has also found a new love of her scooter and now rides it to and from school every day – and boy is she quick!
Week 42
Day 285
Emily showing how amazing she is at drawing and writing
Day 286
A new found independence – scooting to school.  Emmy has had her scooter since Christmas and not really shown much interested in it until recently, now it’s impossible to get her off of it.
Day 287
Emmy managed to save this drawing on my phone today while playing on her Peppa Pig drawing game.
Day 288
Remembering my lost angels today – gone but never forgotten #babylossawareness #waveoflight
Day 289
Hair cut day for Harry.  This was his second ever hair cut and he was SO very good.  I’m regretting it a bit now though as he looks far too grown up.
Day 290
A big family meal out – a very bad picture although it’s rather hard to fit 28 people into shot.
Day 291
Harry’s birthday cake ready for his 2nd birthday tomorrow.  I did cheat and buy Thomas and The Fat Controller from eBay but the rest is my own work.




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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 42

  1. Happy birthday Harry! Great cake. Glad your daughter is enjoying her scooter now she looks like she is zooming. Very cute drawings… My wee man is just starting to draw pictures and it is so cute.

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