Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 43

This week has been about getting ready for half term – I’ve been working hard behind the scenes here so I can spend time with the kids, Christmas Gift Guides are being planned and it is rather hard work and time consuming BUT they are beginning to come together.
I’ve found homes for most of Harry’s birthday presents and I’ve almost finished our Christmas shopping all while suffering from a horrid cold.
Half term has arrived and I have planned quiet days as well as a few days outs.  We all need a rest.
Week 43

Day 292
Birthday Boy!!! How on earth can my baby be 2?
Day 293
I gained a snowman today
Day 294
New and highest ever Tots100 #Sorrynotsorry #Proudmoment
Day 295
A beautiful new bag arrived today – a Leather Grace Tote from Pink Lining – Review to follow
Day 296
Emmy making smoothies with a difference – find out next week what the extra added ingredient was
Day 297
Fajita’s for dinner
Day 298
Carrot soup make in our new toy.  A Hotpoint Steam Blender – Review to follow



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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 43

  1. Happy birthday to your boy! Another one who shares my son's birthday! That's FIVE blog sons with birthdays on 20th October! Your fajita ingredients look delicious!

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