Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 52 – We made it!

Blooming heck, I actually finished a project through to the end!  With the exception of a few weeks where we had 2 weeks rounded up together I have proudly seen this through.  It’s been a lovely way of recording the children’s growth and progress, their milestones and adventures – just the reason this blog was started in the first place almost 3 and a half years ago.
It’s been a busy week here – well it would be with my birthday and Christmas. 
Here is our final week in pictures for 2014!
Week 52
Day 355
It’s my birthday!! I’ve had some fantastic gifts and have been spoilt rotten.  A new camera, jewellery and flowers from my lovely friend Jaime – The Oliver’s MadHouse
Day 356
Making the most of the holiday’s – decorating Gingerbread
Day 357
Treat day – after running errands we went into town for a milkshake and a cake
Day 358
Christmas Eve and the first of our Christmas dinners.  My parents and my Nan came over and we started celebrations early.  We also saw my Brother, Sister-in-Law and 2 of my nephews and exchanged gifts.
Day 359
It’s Christmas so I have to include a pic of each of my babies – I couldn’t get them together during the day.
Day 360
Boxing Day – and this is the kids favourite and most played with present – the start of the day when their kitchen is tidy and organised, it doesn’t stay that way!
Day 361
Mountains and mountains of boxes – you can find some great and fun things to make from boxes in our round-up post.
Day 362
A sunny day and a winter’s trip to the park.
Day 363
Jobs day again, we went to buy a new fish after loosing ours on Christmas eve, visited the shops then popped into Auntie Ruthie’s house.
Day 364
Soft play today to blow away cobwebs and energy.  Harry decided he wanted to try using the potty so Emmy brought him some treats.
Day 365
A dog walk with Queen Elsa.
All that remains saying now is HAPPY NEW YEAR, and see you next year!
Yes we will be joining in again next year.



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31 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 52 – We made it!

  1. I adore Emmy's Queen outfit, it is so luxurious. Well done for doing the whole of 365. I wanted to join in this year but I'm not sure I'll be able to commit to it ( remember more like) x

  2. I love the dog walking in a princess dress, what else would you wear? Belated happy birthday, and I hope you all had a magical Christmas. Love their kitchen.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and completing the challenge, hope you've enjoyed photographing the everyday magic?

    1. Thank you for having me lovely. It was fun and I only wanted to quit twice, so that is really good.

      Oh course, always need a princess around, they come in handy

  3. Well done on completing your 365 🙂 I've tried it three times and only managed to complete it once! I'm giving it another go this year.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful year ahead xx

  4. Aww such a lovely way to remember the year! I cant believe you made it all the way through the year taking pictures (I think I managed about a week in one go one year!). Hope 2015 is a good one for you!

  5. How lovely of Emmy to bring him treats. Laughed at the one of him half on the couch on Christmas Day, and how regal Emmy looks. Boxes are great fun. It is nice when you buy them something they realy take too.

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