Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 7

Here we are again, another week in pictures:

Day 40

French plaits, long hair,

Emmy asked for Plaits today – not uncommon, however she actually sat still and ley me finish and them kept them in all day and night!

Day 41

Kids in sunglasses,

Raining yet again today but the kids don’t care – they both decided sunglasses were needed!

Day 42

Cute cuddling siblings,

Sibling love.  They may fight over toys and get jealous over Mummy’s attention however they really do love each other so much.

Day 43

Flip Fold Review,, clothes folder

A Flip Fold arrived for review!  This is a clothes folding aid as seen in the big bang theory and it has already made a difference to my very untidy t-shirt drawer.  Full review to follow.

Day 44

Where are my house keys?, keys in shoes, toddler hiding,

This little man has a new obsession!

Hiding thing in shoes.  I remember Emmy doing the same at the same age.  Today it was my house keys.

Day 45

Moxie girlz, magic swim dolphin, review,

A very happy girl today.  This Moxie girlz Magic swim dolphin arrived for review and she could not get in the bath fast enough!

Day 46

Toddler climbin on hoover, karcher hoover, climber,

My climber.  I hadn’t even left the hoover near the hob – he moved it to climb up. Nothing is safe now!

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Week 7

  1. Oh, cheeky climber. I have a wannabe climber – up her sister's bunk bed ladder in an instant! Great that the review items have been good ones – look forward to reading more!

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