Project 365 – Photo round up week 9

Here we are back again – week 9 already and here is what our week entailed:

Day 54:

Ben and Holly colouring in pages

The day was all about colouring in – finally Emmy doesn’t just grab the toy from the magazine front, she now spends a great deal of time and effort colouring in the pages.  She concentrates so hard.

Day 55:

Sleeping in a shopping trolley

It was a large food shopping day today, Emmy hadn’t gone back to school as it was a teacher training day. She spent the day being tired so by the time it came to shopping she fell asleep in the bottom of the trolley. This made shopping very hard and I had to finish off in the week.

Day 56:

Rearranging bedrooms,

Putting Emmy to bed the night before I once again noticed a draft from her window despite having recently resealed it.  This set me thinking and I mentioned to Paul I wanted to rearrange Emmy’s room.  Not one to wait around I did it all the next day – ripping out her drawers and desk and moving the entire room around.

Day 57:

Karcher water filter hoover,

I was in the middle of tidying up and had emptied the hoover and refilled the water filter when the door bell went, while opening it Harry decided to help me by putting the water filter back into the hoover for me. Obviously this ended up with the floor flooded however he was only trying to help.

Day 58:

My email from Butlins came this morning confirming we has only 25 more sleeps until our holiday – we can not wait.  This is Emmy’s late birthday present from us.  We are all in need of a holiday.

Day 59:

Toddler crossing a rope bridge, soft play bridge, soft play,, project 365 week 9

A soft play day today. It was empty today and we had it to ourselves.  Emmy and Harry had a great time and Harry overcame his fear of the bridge and crossed for the first time.  He was SO pleased with himself.

Day 60:

cosatto, car seat box,

There is nothing like hiding in a box!  These two had a great time in there.  We were sent a Cosatto car seat for review however it doesn’t fit our car properly and I couldn’t overcome the lack of recline so it is being exchanged for a different style.

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31 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo round up week 9

  1. You're really dedicated and so patient in doing this project. I like to do this thing as well, but as I think about it…I'm already getting tired. ^_^

  2. Sounds like you have had an eventful week! Can't believe your little one fell asleep in the trolley! Bet you can't wait for your holiday – look forward to hearing about it.

  3. I do love a big empty box! Can't wait for my little one (who's 2.5 years) to read magazines with us too (one of my fav pastimes). #TWTWC Vicky x

  4. The photo of Emmy asleep in the trolley is so cute – bless her! I love the photo of them in the box!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  5. what a shame the carseat is not a good fit Harry looked so fab inside it! but safety first! Finn is loving the "games" in his thomas magazines he is getting sometimes from Daddy or friends as a treat. hes not into colouring like Emmy though.

  6. awww to emmy falling asleep in the trolley… Im like you, if I get a idea to decorate or change the room, ill do it that day!!! 😀 I hate waiting #PoCoLo

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