Project 365 – Photo Round Up Weeks 46 & 47

Sorry another 2 week catch up from me this week – last week the kids had a bug so I didn’t get around to posting, low and behold myself and the kids have a different bug this weekend meaning Emmy had Friday off School.  I am poorly and need my bed but the though of inflicting a 3 week update on you next week was enough to force me online – I’ll keep it brief so be gentle on a poorly me.



Week 46



Day 313
Experimenting with Emmy’s hair today – we have plaited hearts.  She loved it so much she had to sleep with them in.
Day 314
Smiles from my little man – these have been rare while he was poorly
Day 315
Very annoyed with this delivery – these were presents for birthday’s however not only were they 3 weeks late the boxes had been ripped up to get into the packing bag.  I complained and received a full refund.
Day 316
Emmy seems to have claimed Olwyn for herself – this Oobicoo doll has come to live with us and is already modelling my favourite babygrow of Emmy’s from when she was small.  (Review to follow) 
Day 317
A little chocolate delivery – OK I’m lying a HUGE delivery – we will be creating Lindt Christmas Traditions
Day 318
We enjoyed Pizza for tea – well we had to with the arrival of this Chicago Town pizza cutter – the slice saber.  A novelty gadget for cutting pizza but actually quite fun and made the kids both giggle loads!  This will be used to cut all Pizza’s just for the fun value, although it is quite sharp so Emmy was cross couldn’t use without help.
Day 319
Emmy had her Gold Star Assembly today at school – we were invited to watch and welled up with pride seeing her receive a concentration award, although it was rather amusing as she wasn’t concentrating and didn’t hear her name called to collect her award – typical Emmy!

Week 47


Day 320
Poorly children – Harry had a bed on the sofa while Emmy created a bed for herself on the dogs bed, hauled up watching TV
Day 321
My helper making dinner – lining up the potatoes and counting them
Day 322
Inset day – Bike riding in a party dress and Doc Martens of course!
Day 323
Beautiful School Photo – I really love this one
Day 324
We are loving this Philips SoftPals Disney Night Light – Harry has been taking it to bed with him and cuddling it.  He can turn it on and off himself too which is a bonus especially I he wakes in the night and we’ve forgotten to turn it on.
Day 325
Emmy has been asking for well over a year for this Dog and I thought the phase would pass – it didn’t so when I saw this on offer on Amazon recently I had to buy it for either Christmas or her Birthday (I’ll decide when I start wrapping her presents)
Day 326
Today all feeling under the weather still, cheered ourselves up by making our first Yule log



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9 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo Round Up Weeks 46 & 47

  1. Hope things have returned to normal? Hate all these germs around in the Winter, bah to them. Your gorgeous girl is still managing a good smile though.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Sorry you have all been feeling rough, one of the down sides to the start of the winter. Laughed at the party dress and Dr Martins- a great combination.
    Well done on the award Emmy.
    Most annoying when you order goods and they dont turn up in time.
    Hope the chocolate helped to make you feel better.

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