Project 366: 14th February – 20th February

Well that’s half term over and done with and I have desperately tried to strive off boredom for the kids, sadly I am now on week 3 of the flu and which there is no longer a fever or the aches I do have this nasty cough and cold left and sadly no energy at all and I find myself falling asleep on the sofa in the afternoon.  Harry still has his nasty cough which is keeping him awake and Emmy still has her cold so no-one has really wanted to do anything this week.
It’s been almost an entire week of movies, Calpol, naps, tissues and duvets but hopefully it has been enough to have us fighting fit again next week.
Day 45:
Grandad (Paul’s Dad) came over to see the kids today as he’d been on holiday.  Harry fell asleep 15 minutes before he arrived and proceeded to sleep for 3 hours 45 minutes, completely missing Grandad’s visit.
Day 46:
First day of half term and we played games – they both really enjoyed this new Orchard Toys game they’d been sent for review

Day 47:
Harry decided that my flower delivery was for him and they ‘made him feel better’
Paradise Wildlife park, broxbourne

Day 48:
I needed to get out of the house by now, no-one felt 100% so we made a quick and brief visit to Paradise Wildlife Park, this is only 20 minutes from my house and I’d exchanged my Tesco Clubcard points so in theory entry was free.  We managed around 2 house but the fresh air did us all the world of good – and we all napped when we got home.
Day 49:
The afternoon was spent building Elsa’s Ice Palace, a birthday present to Emmy from her Uncle
Day 50:
Movies and snuggles with my best friends son.  They all came over for lunch and Max didn’t want to leave so stayed for movies

Day 51:
Finger painting saved us from boredom today

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6 thoughts on “Project 366: 14th February – 20th February

  1. Oh I hope you all feel much better soon. Movies and resting sounds like the perfect way to try and recover, and you made it out to the Wildlife Park! The finger paint picture looks great 🙂

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