Project 366: 21st February – 27th February 2016

It’s been a very busy week this week, finally all feeling better there has been a big catch up on things which have been left untouched for a while – washing, moping floors, a full food shop – all mundane but essential jobs.
Emmy has managed a full week at School (well 4 days as they had inset day on Monday) and Harry his assigned full 2 days, work wise I’ve been rather unproductive and I really need to change that next week but at least the house is relatively tidy again.  I had a meeting at Harry’s new Nursery this week to meet the teachers and find out which days he has been assigned – sadly not the days I was hoping for, he was given all day Thursday and Friday, sadly Thursday is the only day I can not do as I’ve commitments elsewhere but thankfully I managed to change this for all day on Monday, and from September I can hopefully pick up his other free session on a Wednesday and top up by paying for a half day so he attends 3 full days a week.  Fingers crossed they’ve a space. 
Here is our week in pictures:
Day 52:
I took the kids to the park for an hour and then we went to the White Water Rafting Centre to watch the canoes and have a nice long walk.  The kids loved it and Harry cried as he wanted a go – thankfully they are both too small as I really don’t fancy it but it is fantastic to watch.
Day 53:
Inset day and I looked after my best friends youngest 2 boys – we spent the whole day crafting and making a mess – Painting, Play Doh, Cutting and Sticking, Hama Beads and Face Painting.
Day 54:
A new dress arrived for me to review, one I had been eyeing up for a few weeks and I just love it.  It is from the Amy Child’s Collection called Caroline.  This is the 3rd I now own from her range and it is the first place I look when I am wanting a new dress, the bodycon styles really seem to work for me.  I was just trying it on here so the full review will follow shortly.
Day 55:
I made a Storm Trooper T-shirt today using a plain white t-shirt and fabric pens.
Day 56:
A very brave boy today – harry had his pre-school boosters and didn’t cry.
Day 57:
I finally completed the hallway storage project I started a few weeks back, I love how bright and colourful it looks and it is helping to combat the mess in the hall. You can find out how I upcycled the wooden crates in this tutorial.
Day 58:
A family trip to the café and then a visit to the library to read books for around an hour, before choosing some new ones for bedtime reading.

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