Project 366: 28th February – 12th March 2016

You may have noticed that I missed posting last week, with it being Mother’s Day weekend things were very strange here with it being the first for Paul without his Mum, it was a tough weekend for everyone and my attentions were needed else where. 
That of course means a 2 week catch up for you lucky lot – sorry but it’s not been too boring I promise.
So here we are my last 2 weeks in pictures:
Day 59:
This was SO tasty – a delivery from Brownie Heaven (my review will be up tomorrow) – this is the Brownie Scotch Crème Egg and it was delicious.
Day 60:
Not a sight seen very often, this was 8am and Harry had to be woken up.  He was however awake from 3-5am.
Day 61:
Harry moved up in his swimming lesson from Stage 1 onto Stage 2 Orange hats. He was so excited and I was so proud.  Excuse the chocolate face that was his treat for being so clever.
Day 62:
A homemade creamy Chicken and Ham Pie for dinner.
Day 63:
The Worst Witch ready for World Book Day at School
Day 64:
Painting with Harry and his friend, I dared to turn around for a moment and this happened.
Day 65:
I took the kids with me to Tesco and they were adamant I had to buy a Gruffalo chocolate cake for them to give me for Mother’s Day.  Harry kept wanting to hug it.
Day 66:
A Mother’s Day bed time snuggle with my babies.

Day 67:
Emmy and I were poorly with a stomach upset so it was a day of movies and sofa snuggles.  I started to knit a scarf the evening before and this was my progress – not bad for someone who can’t knit and has just started to learn!
Day 68:
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner as we are still recovering.
Day 69:
Harry decided he was a BIG BOY now he is wearing pants and therefore he didn’t need his bedguard anymore.  He is doing well without it although has fallen out of bed hitting his head and biting his tongue once.
Day 70:
Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to Paul and I.
Day 71:
We have a Christening to go to next month so it meant a new dress for Emmy – She had to try it on straight away.
Day 72:
Emmy was poorly again so we tucked up in bed and started a sewing project to take her mind off of a sore tummy.
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4 thoughts on “Project 366: 28th February – 12th March 2016

  1. The firsts are always hard, hope Paul managed to get through the day.
    Oh dear at tummy bugs but at least it let you get some time together.
    Well done on the scarf knitting, and the chicken soup looks lovely.

  2. Sorry to hear about Pauls mum and I hope it was a good day in its own way. Happy wedding anniversary. I read the story of how you met during a night feed this week. 🙂 x

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