Project 366: 31st January – 6th February 2016

This week has been hell for me – I haven’t been this ill for a very long time, I had been fighting off a chest infection and what I can only describe as the worst cold ever (not flu as such as I have been able to move, but only just – doing the school run then sleeping until it was time to collect the troops), it’s not been a great week, I’ve ached all over, my joints were freezing and sore and I have sneezed more than I ever have in my entire life – but the worst seems to have past, thank goodness as it’s Emmy’s birthday party tomorrow!
Our Week:
Day 31:
Sunday lunch out, I was too ill to cook so we headed off to Brewers Fayre for a carvery.  Last week I wrote about the half-term activities they will be running for the kids, including a disco and meal deals.
Day 32:
I was feeling poorly and having dropped Harry’s Monday morning at Pre-School we were home together all day.  Full of beans and jumping over me and the sofas I admit it was a struggle so I blew up the ready bed and declared an indoor movie camping afternoon.  Harry was very happy with this and we watched Minions together, well I did nap next to him. (Awesome parenting, obviously NOT but desperate times call for desperate measures to get through the day).
Day 33:
10 out of 10 again for Emmy on her spelling test – she also went up in assembly to collect a silver award for her hand writing.  One child per school year is chosen for these awards.  I am one proud Mummy.
Day 34:
Emmy spotted a giant teddy while shopping in Tesco a few weeks ago, she wanted it.  We said she could have it but would need to save her pocket money and buy herself.  She has been doing extra jobs and on her best behaviour to save up.  Today she had enough so when Daddy came home from work he took her to buy it.  She was so pleased with herself.
Day 35:
Emmy’s birthday.  6 today and a full day at school.  We opened her presents in the morning, took sweets into class and then went off to Zizzi’s after for dinner. We had the restaurant to ourselves and Emmy and Harry turned it into a dance floor.
Day 36:
My best friend and her kids came over for a belated birthday tea.  Emmy opened the remainder of her presents, the kids all played with the new toys and we all ate hotdogs and watched a movie.  Ruth and I did the grown up Friday unwind of sharing a bottle.
Day 37:
Belated birthday treat day was today.  Emmy is having a birthday party tomorrow and as a treat she had her nails painted in the nail salon today and then went to have her hair washed, cut and blow dried.  I can’t believe just how grown up she looks with her hair straightened.

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