Project 366: 7th February – 13th February 2016

Seriously I am so over being ill now, I was so hopeful this would be our illness free year but NO, I’ve managed to share my flu with Paul, Harry has such a horrid cough and cold he can’t sleep and now Emmy has a horrid cough and sore throat….I was feeling better but night after night of little or no sleep has seen me decline again and to say I am fed up would be an under statement!
I’m not sure how much more I can take but it’s been a busy week anyway with Emmy’s birthday party which was an amazing success.
Day 38:
Emmy’s birthday party – she had a wonderful day celebrating with just over 40 of her friends, classmates, and cousins.  Thank goodness for family helpers and a fabulous Uncle who is a children’s party entertainer.  He is a Mr Marvel entertainer who covers Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Kent – if you are interested  I can highly recommend (he has now done 2 of Emmy’s birthday parties) – just ask for Robert Nicholas.
Day 39:
A very wet School pick up today – I took a Dinosaur with me but it was so windy he was almost blown away.  Harry loved jumping in the puddles.
Day 40:
No pictures from me today as I was feverish and just not with it – this was one sent from Harry’s teachers via online journal.  He was being a photographer.

Day 41:
After a busy day at School for both Emmy and Harry they were happily playing on Emmy’s birthday present from her Grandad – the LeapTV
has been a big hit with them both.
Day 42:
Harry was feeling very poorly, he had been up most of the evening and early hours coughing.  I had to sleep downstairs with him as he couldn’t settle and he was shattered.  We spent the day cuddling on the sofa watching movies and he napped – always a sign he is very ill.
Day 43:
Emmy woke up with a sore throat and a temperature, Harry had been up most of the night poorly again and when Emmy started coughing it was declared a sick day and neither made it to School – they stayed on the make shift beds until lunch time not moving and both even had afternoon naps…this just doesn’t happen in our house, even when ill they are on the go.
Day 44:
Completely fed up with losing the TV remotes I ordered some Heavy Duty Velcro
from Amazon and stuck all ours to the walls in every room.  So far it is working and there is no searching under the sofa’s.
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2 thoughts on “Project 366: 7th February – 13th February 2016

  1. I hope you are all feeling better asap. Sounds lousy, but also nice to have cuddles and afternoon naps. That is one brilliant idea with the Velcro!! Happy Birthday to Emmy.

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