Project 366 – Days 10-16

This week has whizzed by far too quickly, all I seem to have really done is clean, tidy and reshuffle Emmy’s bedroom – twice.
The children are both really tired from being back to school and I also managed to injure myself by over-doing the weekly shop and then having to carry it home shortly followed by carrying Harry on my shoulders home from school.
Here is our second week.

Day 10:
Heading out to see Paul’s Uncle Jimmy and both children wanted to wear smart clothes – I do love it that they like wearing nice clothes.

Day 11:
Harry hasn’t been feeling very well and wasn’t happy to go to school – as he only had half a day and I had plans to rearrange Emmy’s room I let him come home with me, he loved jumping in the big puddles.

Day 12:
Our dishwasher broke before Christmas and I have hated having to wash up – the new one arrived and was installed today.

Day 13:
Emmy is having a party for her birthday and her uncle who is a party entertainer is doing a magic show for her – she wants to dress up like him on the day.  Her outfit arrived and she absolutely loves it.

Day 14:
Beautiful flowers, my Freesias have all opened and they look wonderful.

Day 15:
On Monday I rearranged Emmy’s room, today I measured up and the double fitted into the new bed space, she ends up in my bed most nights anyway so I’m hoping by having more room it may combat this.  She has also been wanting sleep overs and this means she has room to do that – Harry apparently will be the first guest.
Day 16:
Haircut day for Harry.  We’ve been meaning to do this for weeks but have been too busy.  He looks so grown up and handsome.
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12 thoughts on “Project 366 – Days 10-16

  1. Hurrah for working dishwashers, I refuse to wash dishes and my husband would probably cry if ours broke! Her newly arranged bedroom looks very cosy.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 366.

  2. Hope the bigger bed helps her stay where she should be, how nice she wants Harry as her first guest.
    Love her outfit and hope she enjoys her party.
    Looks like soggy feet by the look of it as he walks through the puddles.

  3. Lucky Emmy on her new bed – I need to reshuffle Eliza's but am saving for bunks as Sebby is ready to move out of his toddler bed. He keeps getting in with us and I think he finds it too small

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