Project Big Girls Room – During

I posted pictures last week showing you what Emmy’s room looked like before we started decorating, I was really proud of her nursery room – however as the pink accessories and bedding took over it no longer suited her and it was time to design a big girls room.

I let Emmy choose her colour scheme and she chose her favourites – Purple and Pink.

Heading off to Homebase I found it really hard to find Purple sample pots – it doesn’t seem to be a popular colour, in the end I found 2 different colour paints to come away with, we let Emmy loose with them in her room to get her involved (under supervision of course) and it soon became apparent which one we preferred.

purple testers, project big girls room,, Emmys new bedroom

We decided that the right was far too dark for a little girls room yet I wasn’t 100% sure on the lighter one – this left only one option, I would need to get the paint specially made up – not a problem at all however it would mean that the cost would be more.

The day before we planned to decorate, Emmy and I set about clearing her room.  Getting Emmy involved had always been my plan – she wasn’t sure about changing her room, she liked her old one so I was keen to let her help, let her choose and involve her every step of the way.

purple testers, project big girls room,, Emmys new bedroom

 Emmy really enjoyed peeling off the existing border and wall stickers.  She wasn’t sure when I was boxing everything up until I gave her a box of her own – then the fun began for her – throwing teddies in and talking to them. 

That evening she camped on a mattress on my bedroom floor which she loved and keeps wanting to do again.

Our best friend Steve was called in to do the painting as he is a painter and decorator by trade and loves us and the kids – meaning free favours for friends – he is also fantastic with the kids so was more than happy to let Emmy help him.

purple testers, project big girls room,, Emmys new bedroom

And help she did!

It’s not everyone who would be happy letting a 3 and a half year old get that involved but she had an amazing time and loved it so much – it was nothing a long soak in the bath couldn’t fix.

Once the walls had been painted white (and dried) the purple went on.

When that was all dried and everything cleaned away, I set about making it all beautiful for my princess – but you’ll have to wait for the next post for the finished room make over.

17 thoughts on “Project Big Girls Room – During

  1. You're so brave! We involved the girls as much as possible in decorating their bedroom but didn't let them lose with paint. I would have fainted at the mess! I can imagine Emmy had the time of her life 🙂

  2. Fab post hun and looks like Emmy had a right good time – too right – a bath and she's be clean as a whistle. Really enjoyed reading this as it was such a happy post 😉 Popping over frblogsRusom

  3. That reminds me of last halloween here on the farm when we let the children all loose on the property about to be pulled down! I look forward to seeing the new bedroom.

    1. Thanks Elaine. Emmy has always hated change so for us is a natural thing to do.
      She loves to help, can be a pain in the bum and get in the way but she tried to help.

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