Project grow your own – havesting the crops and progress

I actually can’t believe it, we have grown fruit and vegetables – it worked!!

Emmy is thrilled and is loving seeing the progress of our plants in the garden, and most importantly she is loving picking them and eating what she has grown with her own fair hands.

My girl has green fingers:

We have had nearly all of our Radishes out, had a bumper crop of Peas, Strawberries for tea many nights in a row and our lettuces were lovely.

Our Tomatoes are starting to grow and Runner beans too.

Things that haven’t worked are our Carrots, our onions have sprouted but not grown and our Mange Tout turned out to be more Peas.

Project Grow your own, sustainable living, my ice

We have been sent some more seeds to sew courtesy of ICE who are running a competition to help encourage bloggers and others to grow their own and encourage healthier, greener living.

Who are Ice? 
Ice is partnered with a range of retailers doing their best for the environment.  It identifies sustainable products and services, from the high-street retailers to small independent businesses, and presents them in a one-stop shop to customers –

We have now planted some Beetroot, Rocket and some more Carrots and my green fingered little girl will be doing her best to grow even more veggies for our dinner.

We have found growing our own vegetables fun, exciting and pretty easy to tend to – easy for kids to do!

We have found that this weather, the extreme heat has made it a lot harder as we could tell our fruit and veggies were suffering however you can’t water them in the sun.  I’ve been watering them well once the kids are in bed but the damage has been done in some parts.  Our Cabbages died off and my Peas are now looking rather sorry for themselves.

I’m hoping it cools down long enough for our new veggies to grow.

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