Project grow your own – not much to report

It’s been a little slow on the growth front this week.

We haven’t been able to harvest any fruit or veg as there hasn’t been any.

This week has been about tidying and weeding.

Our onions didn’t grow at all, they sprouted upwards then wilted and died, so I have pulled them up and  binned.

Our strawberries have stopped growing in the heat so I have started feeding them with tomato food to see if they can be encourage to grow.

We have had 1 runner bean off our 12 plants.

My tomatoes are going bonkers, they are starting to get rather large and there are loads of them, they are all still green at the moment however I’m pretty sure it will only be a few weeks before we are eating our ripe tomatoes, especially now I am remembering to feed them properly.

Our beetroot have sprouted and are about half an inch tall, the new carrots are starting to peek through, these were given to us by as part of a #GrowYourOwn project.

The celery is finally growing a little and the courgette is doing it’s own thing.

A mixed week really however we are still enjoying it.

Emmy has been digging for worms in the garden and we have added these to our veggie patch and she has taken over a section of the veggie patch (where the onions used to be) to just dig and make mud pies – she is loving this freedom to do exactly what she likes.

We have even found a surprise in the garden this week – Blackberries, I’ve no idea where they came from and I definitely didn’t plant them but as Emmy loves blackberries it was a lovely surprise – I think we need to thank the birds for this one.

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I’m looking forward to our sunflowers opening up – we have 5, 4 of which are almost as tall as our shed.

One thought on “Project grow your own – not much to report

  1. sounds like your doing well, we have tomatoes, keep pleading with my children not to touch them, as our strawberries never stood a chance with being picked when green by my not so green fingered monkeys x

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