Project grow your own – Preparation

I have been planning a vegetable patch in the garden for a while now however I never seem to get around to it.  This year I planned ahead and used some vouchers I had been given and bought a 4 tier greenhouse and a raised flower bed with a cloche to cover it.

While Emmy was at school I put the green house together and started to prepare the garden ready.  It was a rather big job as our garden is rather neglected.

First up was cutting the grass, then I de-weeded a patch of garden where we planned to erect the veggie patch.

Next was the hardest part, putting the raised flower bed together – I assumed this would be an easy job as I had brought it flat packed, however I soon discovered that the holes needed to be pre-drilled before I could even start.  So I had to introduce myself to a drill for the very first time, I then discovered it may have been easier to wait for a second pair of hands but never one to give up I carried on and finally won the battle.

That was rather easy in comparison to digging the garden ready – our ground is like clay and also had lots of brick residue left from when we had the fence rebuilt.  Emmy found it rather amusing though as at times I took the claw part of the hammer to the solid ground, she also enjoyed a spot of digging herself.

I’m pleased with the results though and Emmy is excited about growing her own vegetables.

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One thought on “Project grow your own – Preparation

  1. What a great way to introduce Emmy to gardening, I can see she was being very helpful too. Keep us posted with the growing progress and thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

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